Collaboration of UNAIR and partners improving Covid-19 handling at RSUA

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The Governor of East Java inspects RSUA. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Covid-19 cases in Indonesia and the world are increasing every day. In fact, since April 2020, the increase rate of cases has even doubled. In Indonesia, as of 16 April 2020 there were already more than 5,000 people confirmed with Covid-19.

Thus, many parties strengthen the synergy and continue to improve the quality of health services, especially for referral hospitals chosen by the government. One of them is Universitas Airlangga Hospital (RSUA).

The improvement in quality and health services at RSUA is marked by the improved health facilities in the form of quality medical equipment such as ventilators, X-Ray machines and CT Scans placed in the Special Infection Hospital (RSKI) UNAIR. The improvement is the result of the cooperation of many parties. Volunteer representative, Prof. Dr. Ir KH Mohammad Nuh, said that the improved facility was aids from the government and private sector.

“Among them are East Java Provincial Government, CT Corp, Astra Group, Indofood or Salim Group and some other institutions,” he said. “We are truly grateful for the cooperation of East Java Provincial Government for providing exceptional support, the collaboration of Unair and ITS including extraordinary work of hospital,” continued Prof. Nuh.

Furthermore, in his speech on Thursday, April 16, Prof. Nuh said that with new equipment, the capacity of RSUA treatment at UNAIR RSKI was increased. The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can handle more patients, from 24 to 40 now, while the High Care Unit (HCU) can handle patients from 100 to 170.

In this regard, Prof. Nuh also said that with this assistance, RSUA will be able to treat more patients as, he said, so far there have been patients referred to other hospitals due to over-capacity.

“You can imagine how many patients who could have been treated at this hospital must be rejected because of limited space. What if the patient is our own sibling, parents, how sad, “he said.

In the end, Prof. Nuh added that the improvement is almost complete. Gradually, there are already 16 ICU beds complete with ventilator equipment, ready to treat patients infected with COVID-19. It was also supported by more medical personnel on duty.

“Hopefully this will become our good deeds. Whoever saves the life of a human being is like saving the lives of all mankind,” he concluded.

In order to improve services in dealing with Covid-19 at RSUA, previously UNAIR with ITS has also collaborated to create ITS-UNAIR Robot Medical Assistant (RAISA). The innovation is operattional to help health workers at RSUA.

The RAISA operation started in the re-opening of ICU and HCU room facilities by the Governor of East Java Dra. Hj Khofifah Indar Parawansa. Moreover, RAISA is able to distribute medicine, food, hand sanitizer and other patient needs and is equipped with voice talk feature to communicate with nurses.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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