IKA UA Distributes COVID-19 Humanitarian Aid

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Executive Board of Universitas Airlangga Alumni Association (PP IKAUA) assisting UNAIR Hospital (RSUA) for the handling of COVID-19 patients. The humanitarian aid was given on Thursday, March 4. (Personal Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga Alumni Association (IKA UA) handed over humanitarian aid for COVID-19 for the third time. In addition to providing the assistance, IKA UA also sprayed disinfectants on Campus B UNAIR area. The three central locations for disinfecting spraying are Faculty of Humanities (FIB), Faculty of Law (FH), and Nuruzzaman Mosque. was carried out on Thursday, March 4.

It was handed over directly by Dr. Akmal Budianto, S.H., M.Hum, M.Si as Head of IKA UA COVID-19 Action Task Force. The assistance was given to three central locations: Universitas Airlangga Hospital (RSUA), UNAIR Dental and Oral Hospital (RSGM), and UNAIR Health Service Center (PLK).

“This time, we also sprayed disinfectants in several buildings on campus B UNAIR, said Akmal.

Furthermore, Management of IKA UA provided 53 boxes of surgical masks containing 2,650 pcs masks and 400 pieces of hazmat clothing. For RSGM UNAIR, there were 17 boxes of surgical masks containing 850 pcs masks, 70 pieces of hazmat clothes, 2 Thermo guns, and 50 face shields.

“As for PLK UNAIR, we provide 10 surgical mask boxes containing 500 masks and 20 hazmat shirts,” Akmal said.

Universitas Airlangga Alumni Association Center (PP IKAUA) in UNAIR Dental and Oral Hospital (RSGM) on Thursday, March 4. (Personal Doc.)

He explained the preparations for raising aid began with opening the COVID 19 donation account for UNAIR alumni. The donation came from alumni of all faculties, and some of them are individual and group donation.

“Thank God, we received 400 million in a week,” he added.

The initiation to help RSUA was carried out considering that RSUA needed PPE for handling COVID-19 patients. Thus, the alumni helped RSUA to work more optimally by donating as humanity action to support the hospital.

Akmal also expressed his sincere gratitude to all alumni who had participated in giving donations through PP IKA UA. The donation will be managed safely, transparently, and will be accounted for as well as possible.

“To doctors and nurses involved directly with COVID 19 patients, we pray for all you to be safe. Good luck! We are here to support you, “he concluded. (*)

Author : Sandi Prabowo

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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