Covid-19 handling at RSUA attracts sympathies

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UNAIR Rector Prof. Nasih receives humanitarian aid for RSUA Medical Team from Jawa Pos. (Photo: M. Alif Fauzan)

UNAIR NEWS – After being officially appointed by the government as one of the referral hospitals for the treatment of coronavirus patients in Indonesia, Universitas Airlangga Hospital (RSUA) carries out this mandate very well. Thousands of people have already conducted the coronavirus tests in RSUA Special Clinic.

Furthermore, to optimize the handling and services to the community, RSUA also formed Covid-19 Task Force Team. This is intended so that the implementation of examination performed for corona patients can bring the best results. Until now, RSUA Special Clinic continues to be crowded by people from various backgrounds to have them tested for coronavirus test.

The number of enthusiastic people who do corona tests at RSUA, made many parties pay more attention to RSUA,especially, in providing a lot of supports, material and non-material form.

This support came from many parties, from academics, social institutions, to the mass media. This time, UNAIR Rector Prof. Moh. Nasih received direct aid from the community collected by Jawa Pos media on Wednesday, March 25. In the Rector’s Room Campus C UNAIR, the aid in the form of protective suits and hand sanitizers were distributed to the medical workers at RSUA.

“Of course we are very grateful to the people who aided us through Jawa Pos . This assistance is very useful for our medical workers in treating corona patients in RSUA, ” he explained.

Furthermore, Prof. Nasih also emphasized that the humanitarian assistance received would be immediately handed over to health workers who were conducting various examinations at RSUA.

“We will distribute this aid directly to RSUA medical personnel,” he said. “And once again, thank you for the assistance given to our medical team,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of PIH UNAIR Dr. Suko Widodo, who witnessed this directly, said that the assistance provided at this time is very meaningful for the RSUA medical team. He also emphasized that the assistance would be immediately handed over to the medical team so that it could be used in handling covid-19.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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