UNAIR ALSA LC team wins national legal review competition

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UNAIR ALSA LC Team consisted of Danial A. Futaki (left), Rebecca Mariana (center), Raymond Jonathan (right). (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – UNAIR academics once again made an achievement, this time through the ALSA LC (Asian Law Students Association Local Chapter) UNAIR team won 1st place in ALSA Indonesia Legal Review Competition (AILRC). The team consists of 3 people, Danial A. Futaki (2017), Rebecca Mariana Angelina Girsang (2017), and Raymond Jonathan (2019). A legal review is a review of a case or legal event based on existing laws and regulations.

As the team leader, Rebecca, said that they decided to take part in the AILRC competition because they were interested and challenged with the topic. Rebecca also said that considering the AILRC was a legal review competition, it was a good opportunity as a Faculty of Law student to hone and broaden insight on the laws and regulations as well as their implementation.

“The topic of the competition was ” Enforcement of Human Rights in Indonesia “. In our opinion, this topic allows us to study legally events in Indonesia that are often labeled as violating human rights, “said Rebecca.

Raymond explained that the topic they chose was about blocking internet service in Papua due to the big conflict last August. It was titled “The Right to Obtain Information and Legal Analysis from Press Release of Ministry of Communication and Information about Blocking Data Services in Papua and West Papua”. He said the reason they chose the topic was that they felt that the government’s action to block the internet network there for warding off fake news was inappropriate from the perspective of human rights.

“In our legal review, this action violates many regulations, especially Article 28F of the 1945 Constitution, where every Indonesian citizen has the right to communicate and obtain information. Furthermore, this policy also intervenes in the work of journalists who cannot provide actual information related to events there. So, it’s as if the government at that time wanted to create a form a vacuum of information, ” said the alumnus of St. Hendrikus Catholic High School.

With only a week to finish the review, Rebecca and Raymond never thought they would win the competition. However, they would like to thank Faculty of Law lecturer, Heydar Adam S.H., LL.M., who has been a consultant on the legal review material and Ekawestri Prajwalita Widiati, SH, LL.M. who recommended their writing to represent ALSA LC UNAIR in the national competition.

“We hope that in the future people are more aware of the complex problems that occur in Papua because their rights as human beings have been violated by many Indonesian citizens,” said Raymond.

Author: Pradnya Wicaksana

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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