Discussion on Tabuhan Island, PSDKU Student Family invites head of Pokdarwis and Banyuwangi Care Community

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The atmosphere of FGD on Campus A Giri PSDKU Banyuwangi. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – After Banyuwangi Regional Government has given permission to UNAIR PSDKU KM (Student Family) Banyuwangi to conduct Focus Group Discussion (FGD), on Saturday, March 14, KM UNAIR Banyuwangi held a FGD on the future of Tabuhan Island in OCL Building Campus A, Giri, Banyuwangi.

The FGD “Uncertain Future of Tabuhan Island”, presented 2 speakers who were also observers and representatives of the people affected by the polemic of Tabuhan Island. They were Wildan Sukirno as head of the Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group) and Head of Banyuwangi Care Community Amir Ma’ruf Khan.

The FGD was divided into 2 sessions, where each session contained arguments and demands from each resource person followed by a two-way discussion involving forum participants. Both Wildan Sukirno and Amir conveyed the same demand, transparency from the government related to legal administrative documents and preserved rights and the involvement of local communities in this investment activity.

Wildan Sukirno on the occasion stated that Pokdarwis has not yet determined its stand because seven things they demanded have not been responded from the Regional Government, if they were rejected or accepted. The seven points were about safeguarding rights and guaranteeing the involvement of local communities in this investment project.

“At this time, we still have not decided our stand to reject or accept the investment because the guarantee of local communities being marginalized through 7 points of our demands has not yet been responded by the Regional Government,” said Sukir.

If indeed this project can benefit the local community, he continued, he will fully support it. With a condition, there is a guarantee on 7 points to be included into an agreement with Paragon Group that was submitted officially and transparently.

Similar to what Sukir stated, on that occasion, Amir demanded Banyuwangi Regional Government to conduct transparency on documents that have formal legal requirements according to the regulation so that the community can also be involved and not be marginalized.

“We only demand transparency in relation to applicable rules, agreements and official documents, so the rights of the community are guaranteed and not marginalized,” said Sukir.

On that occasion, Muhammad Bahtiar Afandi as the chief executive and Deputy of Ministry of Social & Politics KM explained that the FGD was held and aimed at rectifying distortion of information and collecting data based on the two sources for review by the Ministry of Social and Political Affairs and the Ministry of Strategic Action Studies. Later on, the results of the FGD were used as KM’s consideration in expressing their stand on this case.

“The first is of course to correct the distortion of information and as material for Sospol and Kastrat to study for KM’s consideration in taking stand about Tabuhan Island,” Bahtiar said.

Author: Ivan syahrial Abidin

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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