Marsya Martia, Kolom Bahagia Founder Conducts Sekolah Angkasa

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Kolom Bahagia community conducts teaching and learning activities through Angkasa School program at Balai RW 3 Gubeng. (Photo: Courtesy)
Kolom Bahagia community conducts teaching and learning activities through Angkasa School program at Balai RW 3 Gubeng. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Education is an essential aspect of human life. The education system also contributes to the formation of the next generation of this country. Various programs of educational values are born as the response and concern for the community. The community which was founded by 2017 UNAIR Political Science students conducted a new project called Angkasa School.

As the founder of Kolom Bahagia, Marsya Martia explained that Angkasa School is a program that aims to shape children’s character and self-development as future generations. The name of Angkasa School is chosen as a hope for the children to achieve their high dream. As the tagline reads, “ Sekolah Angkasa, Meraih Asa, Setinggi Angkasa.”

“As the founder, I want to create educational-themed projects because there are still many gaps in our education system. If we explore it further, some children don’t get proper education quality, especially in the field of education that shapes their personalities, “she explained.

Marsya added that the project refers to the vision of Golden Indonesia in 2045 by creating a program that can prepare individuals early on. These children will be taught to be individuals who dare to face change without forgetting their local values.

Focus on Children Character

Different from other teaching communities, Sekolah Angkasa emphasizes the concept of fun learning that focuses on developing soft skills and hard skills. The school is divided into three school sessions: School of Leadership, School of Environment, and School of Tolerance.

The theme of leadership has been chosen because Marsya explained that the character of prospective leaders must be taught at an early age. Children are expected to grow up as brave and capable individuals. The leadership values ​​in Sekolah Angkasa is realized through the activities of making a dream plan.

Besides that, Environmental School is intended to introduce children about the importance of maintaining cleanliness and environmental preservation. Bearing in mind that until now, the awareness of preserving environmental cleanliness has not been fully implemented by each individual. The volunteer team provided organic and inorganic waste bins.

The last is Tolerance School that teaches children about tolerance and diversity. It aims to build mutual respect with ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural differences in Indonesia. Learning is done through the display of tolerance-themed animated videos.

Angkasa School Team took a photo with the children in Surabaya. (Photo: Courtesy)

Furthermore, Kolom Bahagia successfully held Sekolah Angkasa for the first time. Located at the Community Reading Park (TBM) RW 3 Gubeng Surabaya, the school program also collaborates with students from different universities as teaching volunteers such as Universitas Islam Negeri Surabaya and Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” East Java. Sekolah Angkasa received excellent responses from the residents and children involved. Marsya hopes that after the learning activities, children who take part in Sekolah Angkasa can apply the knowledge that they have gained to the daily lives.

“Hopefully, there will be more volunteers to teach children in the surrounding community. It can be a reference for the younger generation to contribute significantly to the community through the knowledge that they have gained during classes, “said Marsya. (*)

Author: Zanna Afia

Editor: Feri Fenoria

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