UNAIR Psychology expert statements on murder committed by teenager

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Dr. Nurul Hartini, S.Psi., M. Kes., Psychologist, expert in Family Psychology and Mental Health, Universitas Airlangga. (Photo: Andri Hariyanto)

UNAIR NEWS – Lately, people were shocked by the case of a 15-year-old girl who a five-year-old kid. It is a rare case and very different from other murder cases in general.

Seeing the case, Dr. Nurul Hartini, S.Psi., M. Kes., Psychologist as an expert in Family Psychology and Mental Health Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) believed that there are many factors that influence the murder, such as the child’s relationship with the surrounding environment.

“Psychologically, how this child behaves, thinks, and feels, so that she is able to do evil deed, if it refers to the paradigm of psychoanalysis, then we always believe there is a learning experience, as well as past experiences that are able to provide the basics of thinking that makes her build the process of anxiety in her, “said Nurul, on Wednesday, March 11, 2020.

The lecturer who also serves as the Dean of Faculty of Psychology continued, the process of anxiety in children can be shaped by things that have happened and cannot be separated from relationships with people around the environment. In this case, the anxiety develops into two things in a person, aggressiveness outward nature and aggressiveness inward nature.

“Outgoing aggressiveness inspires violent behavior to hurt others, and if inward will form behavior to hurt themselves. Both are very dangerous, ” she continued.

So, continued Nurul, the behavior in this child killing case includes a form of outward aggression. Individuals like this usually have weak socialization, so they tend to be happy to make friends with children whose age is far below, because that way they are able to show their power.

Nurul also added that the lack of harmony in communication between children and parents is also believed to be the main factor for children to commit this crime. Because the basis for forming a child’s personality is determined at the age of the first five years. This unmet need at an early age causes children to need very strong affection needs.

“Lack of love, touch, embrace, or various things that are really needed for children to build the foundations of personality that are very important to form trust in others that this world is a world that is fun, peaceful, and safe to live in, ” she said.

Many parties concluded that the murder case from 15-year-old teenager was a psychopathic case. According to Nurul, people should not be hasty to conclude this case as a psychopathic case, as it requires deeper and valid assessment, to avoid a negative stigma from society.

“Labeling negative stigma aimed at this child will kill the future of the child,” she added.

Nurul revealed that all such incidents were based on the family because family is the first and main school for children. From this family parents will provide appropriate parenting to children, which will then form the personality of a child.

“Every child has a different parenting style, and parents are the ones who know the best characteristics of their child,” explained Nurul.

“What is clear is that the relationship between parents and children requires the intensity, quantity, and quality that will lay the foundations of personality on the child,” she concluded.

Author: Febrian Tito Zakaria Muchtar

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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