Watch out with the nerves, UNAIR Neurosurgery specialist has his say

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Tedy Apriawan dr., Sp.BS (K) neurotrauma and neuroinfection division specialist UNAIR - Dr. Soetomo Hospital (Photo: Personal documentation.)

UNAIR NEWS – Lately, TikTok app is gaining popularity and being used by many people. For the sake of content alone, some of the challenges in TikTok video can cause death. The challenge is called Skull Breaker Challenge.

The challenge that began in Venezuela involved three students. When one student in the middle jumps and is midair, the other two students on the sides tackle the child’s two legs. The student in the middle then falls with his head hit by the floor.

In this regard, Universitas Airlangga Faculty of Medicine lecturer and a neurosurgeon of Dr. Soetomo Division of Neurotrauma and Neuroinfection Tedy Apriawan dr., Sp.BS (K) commented on the impact of the Tiktok challenge on nerves.

About Skull Breaker Challenge, the body part that directly hits the floor is the back of the head. Tedy explained that in the back of the head there is an occipital lobe or center of vision and the cerebellum that functions as a center of balance, muscle tone and contractility of movement coordination.

Judging from the video, he explains the collisions hit the back of the head, the cervical vertebrae, spine of the chest, and the spine of the back.

“If there is a collision or trauma, the impact can cause fractures (broken bones, ed) and also death,” said Tedy.

One of the videos even shows one of the dead victim. Tedy explained, the death occurred due to bleeding in the brain called Epidural Hematome bleeding.

“If there is a fracture in neck bone, bone marrow is broken, the heart stops immediately, or immediately in coma. His heart can still beat, but the brain stem is dead, “he added.

Before the challenge got viral, a similar incident happened when a student pulled a chair when his friend tried to sit down and they fell. Tedy explained, the effect will be felt in the next five years.

“If the fall is in sitting position, it can break the back of the spine or the back of the chest. If it breaks, it can paralyze both legs, “he explained.

Furthermore, when a child goes down the stairs while sitting, the nerves can be clamped. The effects include intense unbearable pain, paralysis, disruption of defecation and urinary system.

According to Tedy, if there is indication of first brain hemorrhage, surgery should be performed, it does not need a surgery if it is only a small bleeding.

“Although small, patients will experience neurological disorders. The symptoms are easy to spasm, amnesia, even comas, “he explained.

On that occasion Tedy deeply regretted the prank that had crossed the line which was dangerous for nerves and detrimental to many parties. (*)

Author: Dimar Herfano

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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