Second Day of UMK, 3 candidates discuss Independent Campus and World Class University

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Head of Rector Selection 2020-2025 Prof. Suryanto when giving a speech at the Hall of Garuda Mukti Campus C UNAIR on Wednesday (2/19/2020). (Photo: Andi Parmono)
Head of Rector Selection 2020-2025 Prof. Suryanto when giving a speech at the Hall of Garuda Mukti Campus C UNAIR on Wednesday (2/19/2020). (Photo: Andi Parmono)

UNAIR NEWS – The selection process of Universitas Airlangga Rector 2020-2025 is at the second day of Academic Community Hearing (UMK) session. Like the first day, three prospective rectors on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, also explained their strategic plans and work programs for the next five years.

Being held in Garuda Mukti Hall of Campus C UNAIR, the second session of UMK was very lively, attended by students, lecturers, administrative staff, alumni, and the assessment team. The activity was opened with a report by the Head of Rector Candidate Selection Committee 2020-2025, Prof. Suryanto.

In his remarks, Prof. Suryanto asserted that the second day UMK was expected to introduce the candidates to the campus community with exposure to their strategic programs in accordance with the vision and mission of UNAIR.

“Furthermore, by exposing the work program for the next five years, the campus community can find out how the candidate communicate,” he said.

Next official address was from Head of the Academic Senate Prof. Djoko Santoso, who reviewed the urgency of rector selection process that reached UMK stage. According to Prof. Djoko, the UMK is a very important and honorable stage.

“A message was delivered, that all members of the community must love and protect UNAIR’s good reputation, by protecting ourselves and associations between alumni,” he said.

After the speech, the UMK process was continued with some presentations guided directly by UNAIR Legal specialist, Dr. Suparto Wijoyo SH, M.Hum., and lecturer of Faculty of Pharmacy, Dewi Melani Hariyadi S.Si, Apt., M.Phil., PhD.

The first presentation of the prospective rector was from Rumayya, S.E., M.Reg.Dev., Ph.D. In his presentation, Rumayya targeted the Nobel Prize Winner during his leadership. According to him, nobel is a big award that deserves to be a university’s dream.

“Candidates for the 2045 Nobel Prize winners are new lecturers who are currently aged 25-30 years old, who do doctoral research and publish the best academic works at the age of 40, and the works received nobel recognition after 15 years (2045),” he said.

Rumayya, S.E., M.Reg.Dev., Ph.D., during presentation. (Photo: By courtesy)

After Rumayya, the next presentation was from Prof. Dr. Bambang Sektiari Lukiswanto, drh, DEA. He emphasized the importance of realizing Universitas Airlangga as an Excellent World Class University with Morality.

“Policies exist to set up a priority on policies, vision, and mission of UNAIR are relevant to policies in the Ministry of Education and Culture so they must be optimized, “he said.

“Strengthening ecosystems with the transformation of UNAIR both in the field of digitalization and innovation will be able to contribute, both locally and nationally. Thus, international recognition and reputation will be easily achieved, “he added.

Prof. Dr. Bambang Sektiari Lukiswanto, drh, DEA., during presentation. (Photo: By courtesy)

The last presentation was delivered by Prof. Dr. Dwi Setyawan., S.Si., M.Si., Apt. In his presentation, he emphasized that in overcoming VUCA a leader must understand and be able to explain well, to face the very complex problems in the Industrial Revolution era 4.0.

Supporting this statement, Prof. Dwi initiated UNAIR Smart University (U-Smart) strategy as a step to reach global achievements. Divided into three categories, U-Smart Academic, U-Smart Research, and U-Smart Community Services.

“I am sure that with the synergy of strategies, programs, and the entire academic community, UNAIR can reach 200 WCU by 2025,” he said. (*)

Prof. Dr. Dwi Setyawan., S.Si., M.Si., Apt., during presentation. (Photo: By courtesy)

Author: Ulfah Muammarotul

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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