UNAIR Indonesian Literature Student Named East Java’s Putri Inteligensia 2020

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Melisa Wulan Purnama (in the middle) in the Top 5 of Putri Indonesia East Java 2020. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Indonesian Language and Literature Program, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Airlangga should be proud of the achievement made by one of its students. On Saturday, February 1, the hard work of Melisa Wulan Purnama, was paid off. In the Ballroom of Novotel Samator Hotel Surabaya, Melisa, once again made an achievement at the prestigious Indonesian pageant competition, Putri Indonesia East Java 2020 event.

Regarding the achievement, Melisa claimed that she did not expect to achieve the Top 5, let alone to be crowned as the East Java‘s Putri Inteligensia (Miss Intelligence) in 2020 as she was one of the youngest finalists. Moreover, most of the finalists were very experienced.

The audition and quarantine period lasted only one week, did not make her feel discouraged. Various obstacles also did not dampen Melisa’s enthusiasm to prepare herself well in participating in the contest.

Winning various prestigious events such as Cak-Yuk and Raka-Raki does not make Melisa stop making more achievements in her world. She believed that she learned many things and improved her the potential to be a better person. For Melisa, being active in various prestigious events did not interfere with her studies.

“My studies is an obligation. And as humans, we really have to keep learning, especially academically. For me, it does not interfere with lectures at all, it depends on how we manage the time, “said the finalist in East Java Raki 2017.

Beside supports from those closest to her to take part in the event, Melisa admitted that she was also motivated by East Java Putri Indonesia Alumni Association (IAPI). IAPI itself is an organization that has been trusted by the Putri Indonesia Foundation (YPI) to hold their own pageant event in East Java region.

“From the beginning I was amazed by IAPI. Because IAPI members are all women, but can hold event of such magnitude. Well, that’s where I want to join the IAPI, because I believe that there are a lot of extraordinary women that I can share with and learn to be a better me, “added Yuk Gresik 2016.

From the title she has achieved, Melisa said that the most important thing is how she represents herself as a good figure, so that it can inspire and be useful for the people around her.

Melisa also said that Indonesian women must have the courage to make decisions because women’s decisions can bring great influence to the surrounding environment.

“Because women make decisions with heart, we synchronize hearts and minds. The point is women must have the courage to speak up, be confident and believed that women can also become extraordinary leaders, “added 2018 Sasindo student. (*)

Author: Shofiyyatul Mahrushah

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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