BEM FISIP and state university student alliance throughout Indonesia held sharing session for high school student

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"2020 SBMPTN Grand Simulation" which was held by BEM FISIP with AMPSI at Language Center of Universitas Airlangga Campus B on Sunday, January 26. (Photo: courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Executive Board of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (BEM FISIP) held a Try-Out and Sharing Session about campus world for High School (VOC) and Vocational High School (SMK) students in collaboration with Alliance of Indonesian State University Students (AMPSI). The activity was held at the Language Center, Campus B on Sunday, January 26.

“This activity is held to provide information for high school student and equivalent about SBMPTN and campus life,” said Bayu Satriawan

“2020 SBMPTN Grand Simulation” is a breakthrough from BEM FISIP, especially Ministry of Scientific and Student Development of Kabinet Berani. The activity was attended by around 100 Surabaya high school / vocational students.

“We give an overview of lectures, especially at Universitas Airlangga. Besides, we feel that there are still many students who hesitant in determining their major, “he added.

Satria said that most of the students asked about cross-majors both from Natural Sciences and Social Sciences and problems of choosing the wrong major.

“We are trying to give a view about the campus world, both from the assignment and social environment. University requires students to be active during their study, “said Political Science student.

Cultural differences in transitioning high school to university were explained to students through these activities. Besides, BEM FISIP team also explained about the new online system for SBMPTN administration.

“The enthusiasm of students to participate in this event is amazing, and we feel happy to provide a new perspective for students. As time goes on, the university needs student who has good quality; through this activity, and we try to make it happen “Satria said.

Besides, several high school alumni also participated in this activity to prepare themselves for the upcoming SBMPTN selection. Satria hopes that the activity can become an annual agenda so we can provide information for high school student. (*)

Author: Rissa Ayu F

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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