UNAIR Rector makes efforts to anticipate Corona virus spread

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UNAIR Rector interviewed by reporters. (Photo: Agus Irwanto)

UNAIR NEWS – Recently, the world was shocked by the spread of corona virus originating from Wuhan. China became the first country to find the case, and dozens of people were dead due to virus infection.

Now, the cure has not been found and various countries have taken precautions to avoid the widespread of the virus. The same effort is also carried out by the academic of Universitas Airlangga.

There are several steps prepared by Universitas Airlangga. UNAIR has prepared a team to be aware of the corona virus development through fast, efficient and effective efforts to tackle the virus.

“Hopefully, a vaccine that can cure or prevent the transmission of virus in humans can be produced,” he said.

Furthermore, UNAIR through RSUA and Institute of Tropical Disease which are the leading centers of health science and technology in Indonesia are fully prepared to receive and handle those suspected with corona virus infection. It seems very difficult, but it is a challenge and research mandate for UNAIR researchers to produce policies and medicines to overcome it.

“This is a joint task for UNAIR researchers in dealing with the virus. At least UNAIR researchers must also be able to find vaccines and presented deeper research studies on handling and management of the corona virus that is currently causing an outbreak,” he said.

Prof. Nasih also explained what they need to do such as to anticipate, deal with those suspected of being affected by the corona virus. Meanwhile, UNAIR is collaborating with experts in epidemiology, medicine, tropical disease institute and some related field to make anticipative effort so people should not be afraid and remain calm.

“People are expected to stay vigilant and remain calm in dealing with it,” he added.

 Author: Khefti Al Mawalia

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