UNAIR BBM KKN introduces feed preservation for cattle to farmers in Pamotan Village

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Student of KKN BBM 61 UNAIR explained forage to farmers in Pamotan Village. (Photo: Fida)

UNAIR NEWS – Field Work Study (KKN BBM) 61 Universitas Airlangga introduces feed preservation technology for cattle for residents of Pamotan Village, Sambeng District, Lamongan Regency. KKN Team held socialization and demonstration of feed preservation using straw silage and ammoniation techniques. The socialization is one of the KKN work programs from December 28, 2019 – January 23, 2020.

Cattle farmers from five hamlets in Pamotan Village attended the socialization. Feed preservation is necessary because cattle breeders in Pamotan Village have difficulty in providing nutritious feed for livestock in the dry season.

“Mostly, people sell calves so they can buy food for the adult cattle,” said Sunargiono, Secretary of Pamotan Village.

There are two techniques of preservation of forage cattle, namely silage and ammonia. Silage is done by aerating fresh elephant grass every day, then cutting the grass 5-10 cm long. The grass that has been cut is mixed with bran and molasses, then moved in airtight place for 21 days.

The ammonia of straw is prepared with air and urea preparations. The air solution and urea are mixed in the straw that has been cut up to 5-10 cm. The mixture of straw and urea is kept in an airtight place for 21 days.

Silage and straw can last for months, and it allows farmers to store forage feed obtained during the rainy season, then give it to cattle in the dry season without losing nutritional value.

“It is better if the livestock group builds a forage feed preservation facility so they can collect large amounts of preserved feed and use it during the dry season,” said Diana Santi, FKH UNAIR student member of KKN BBM team in Pamotan Village.

“The important thing is they have room for aerating forage and store for preserved feed,” explained Diana. (*)

Author: Fida Aifiya

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh

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