UNAIR student community service program in Pondokrejo develops regional potential through branding

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UNAIR NEWS – Pondokrejo Village, Tempurejo District Jember Regency has a tourist attraction which still known only by the local community. The potential is extraordinary; one of the tourist attraction is Afdeling region Kalimayang Garden, which belongs to PTPN. Glantang Garden PTPN XII has main export quality rubber commodities. High-grade rubber is exported to several countries in Europe and Asia.

Twelve students of 61st Real Work Back to Village (KKN-BV) Universitas Airlangga in Pondokrejo Village, Tempurejo District, Jember Regency, East Java visited several destinations with great potential that could be used as a tourist attraction. Through one of the economic programs,  “Village Branding”, Community Service Team made publications through social media technology.

Canino C. Caesarandi, one of the students in the KKN BV Pondokrejo team said that the activity was carried out several times during KKN period on January 2. Four places became the main tourist destinations, including Gelantang Golf Course, Batu Pilar Waterfall, Gelantang Water Shop Tourism, and Latex Processing at Gelantang Rubber Factory.

“Tourism is interesting, both in history and destination. Moreover, there is only one local tourism, Batu Pilar Waterfall, “said Canino.

“Batu Pilar Waterfall is the only local destination in there. The place is free, and after you arrive you have to find the way to access waterfall, “he added.

PTPN XII’s rubber fields are spread in three villages in the Tempurejo Area, one of them is in Pondokrejo Village. The main product is rubber which has been exported to several countries in Asia and Europe. 

Rubber factory has been established since 1919 and inaugurated in 1926. Furthermore, Glantang plantation rubber factory is known for producing the highest grade rubber.

In this case, through the work program “Village Branding” by KKN BV 61 Universitas Airlangga, it is expected that all rubber processing processes in Glantang Plantation Rubber Factory will be produced more widely.

“Our educational tourism branding is uploaded on youtube and other social media as well. Thus, everyone can learn from that, “he said.

Author: Ulfah Mu’amarotul Hikmah

Editor: Binti Q Masruroh

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