UNAIR develops Indonesian Corner at Charles University in Europe

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From the Left: Toetik Koesbardiati, Afifah Rahmania, Michaela Budiman, and Marek during discussion meeting about Indonesian Corner development. (Personal Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga continues to collaborate with overseas partners, especially with universities with high reputation because Universitas Airlangga is increasingly known in the international arena, which will affect many things.

The two delegates from Universitas Airlangga visited Charles University, the Czech Republic on Monday, January 20. The first visit brought good results between Universitas Airlangga and Charles University.

The visit was carried out by Coordinator of Social Sciences Doctoral Degree, Dr.phil., Dra. Toetik Koesbardiati, Ph.D and staff for Event and Communication Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE), Afifah Rahmania, S.Hub.Int., M.PSDM.

The second visit was welcomed by Dr. Michaela Budiman, Indonesia language lecture, and Dr. Marek is Korean language lecture at Charles University. From the discussion, both of them are interested in Asian Studies.

During the meeting, Toetik and Afifah promoted AMERTA program (Academic Mobility Exchange for Undergraduate at Airlangga), one of UNAIR program for all of the international students.

Furthermore, two agreements had been made at the meeting. Namely, the initiation of Indonesian Corner and tailor-made program in the field of anthropology and death studies.

Toetik said Indonesian corner is a good idea to introduce Indonesia to the eyes of the world, especially at Charles University. “Personally as an anthropologist, I want to introduce Indonesian culture to the world,” she said.

As for WHAD? tailor-made program (What Happens After Death) is a response to Indonesian Corner related to cultural studies. The program introduces Indonesian culture on the topic of death.

“WHAD? contains anthropology of death, death and horror lectures in Indonesian pop culture, structural sites, Indonesian language class, and coaching clinic on producing virtual ethnography, “Totok added.

The two delegates of Charles University are interested in anthropology studies. Moreover, Dr. Marek is a lecturer in philosophy and religious studies.

Regarding Indonesian Corner, both of them wanted to know more about the procedures for its formation. After returning from Europe, Afifah will discuss the procedure in opening Indonesian Corner at Charles University with the team.

Toetik Koesbardiati (right) and Afifah Rahmania while in Europe. (Personal Doc.)

Besides, Afifah said some students from Charles University participated in Darmasiswa program, Indonesia. “They are advised to take part in international programs in Indonesia,” Afifah said. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

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