UNAIR students build and develop learning house in the village

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Muhammad Roqib and students during the book fair at Bojonegoro Science Village Foundation. (Personal Doc.)

UNAIR NEWS – Muhammad Roqib, one of Airlangga Knights in Master degree at  Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has built a learning house in his village. Located in Korgan Hamlet, Purwosari Village, Purwosari Subdistrict, Bojonegoro Regency, he made tutoring institution intended especially for children in his village.

The program under Bojonegoro Science Village Foundation (YKIB) has been established since 2015. Currently, it has begun to open its branches in Kalitidu Sub-district area which is still in Bojonegoro area.

Roqib mentioned that YKIB was previously a community that cared about the education of underprivileged people. The foundation holds a social vision, which aims to raise the economic level of surrounding communities through education.

Besides, he made this place to implement teaching and learning activities located in the middle of the village.

“We have a social vision to build a learning house in the community area in here and Kalitidu,” said Muhammad Roqib, Head of Bojonegoro Science Village Foundation, Friday on January 17.

A small library in the middle of the study room with a relaxed learning atmosphere is Roqib choice to build learning house for children. All of the students can study in the terrace, living room, or the family room. Besides, the time schedule is also adjusted between students and teachers according to the agreement at the beginning.

“In here, the student can be relaxed during the study session. Mostly, we know that children are pressured to study at school, ” he explained.

In Purwosari area, as many as 140 students with 16 teachers have joined YIKB. However, in Kalitidu area is still quite new with only a few students in that area.

Filled with school-age children from kindergarten to high school every day, YIKB is open from one o’clock in the afternoon to 8 pm. Most of them are poor children and orphans.

Roqib also said that he did not charge anything for residents with a lower-middle economy. However, the price is affordable; elementary school student only has to pay Rp. 5000 per meeting.

The money that has been collected is used to buy equipment needed for learning activities, such as print exercise questions, tables, markers, blackboards, and teachers. Furthermore, the foundation gains support from many parties who have contributed, namely through CSR education funding from several companies that have worked together.

Besides, YIKB also has several other programs, namely learning houses, library development, tutoring, teacher training, and learning model development. Several times, events such as book review, book fairs, and other competitions are often held on certain anniversaries.

“We also often commemorate certain days. We organize events such as book review and book fair to increase the literacy of YKIB children, “he concluded. (*)

Author: Ulfah Mu’amarotul Hikmah

Editor: Binti Q Masruroh

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