Education and service program liven up 12 years of FORMARA UNAIR

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Formara UNAIR student during Formara Goes to School activities. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – In commerating  the 12th anniversary, Student Forum at Madura Universitas Airlangga  (FORMARA UNAIR) held DNF 2020. Formara Anniversary (DNF) is a series of events consisting of five main activities.

“For the series of events: Formara Goes To School (FGTS), Futsal Competition, Try Out (TO) SBMPTN, Abdi Desa, and closed with DNF Summit,” said Rika Ameliawati as Head of DNF 2020 Committee.

Rika said that a series of DNF events was held from last October to January 2020. For each event, it was divided into every district in Madura.

The theme of DNF this year “Madura Mandiri in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era”. The theme was chosen because people are facing the industrial revolution era 4.0.

“Thus, we hope that Madura will be ready to face industrial revolution era 4.0,” he added.

FGTS is an activity to provide socialization and motivation for high school about UNAIR. Besides, the activity will also increase students’ interest to continue their education in Higher Education. This activity was carried out simultaneously in all districts in Madura.

“This FGTS activity was opened since October 2019, and the plan will be carried out during semester break,” Rika said.

Furthermore, Madura Futsal Competition is located in Pamekasan, which aims to develop the interests and talents of Madurese community in the field of sports. There was SBMPTN Try Out exam simulations for high school / MA students in all districts in Madura.

“Hopefully, it can motivate participants to study harder. Thus, the participants will know the extent of their abilities, “Rika added.

Furthermore, there was a community service held Binoh Village, Bangkalan for four days and the peak this event held in Sampang.

“Hopefully, FORMARA can be home to gather with family members at UNAIR,” she concluded. (*)

Author: Sandi Prabowo

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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