Changing the negative stigma about immunization, Formara UNAIR students hold community service in Binoh Village

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UNAIR Student Forum in Madura (FORMARA) conducted Village Servants in Binoh Village, Bangkalan Regency. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Forum at Madura Universitas Airlangga (Formara UNAIR) as one of the regional student organizations at UNAIR continues to strive to practice the tri dharma of higher education, especially in community service.

Every year, Formara UNAIR held community service in remote areas in Madura. This time, Abdes Formara UNAIR was held in Bangkalan Regency, precisely in Binoh Village, Burneh District on January 5-7.

Farhatul Fitriyah as Head of Community Service said that the reason for choosing Binoh Village as the location of Abdi Desa because there were few problems related to irrigation. Besides, in terms of education and health, we want to socialize vaccines and immunizations for the community.

“We want to change the negative stigma about vaccines and immunizations that are considered to cause fever, even though vaccines and immunizations are important for children,”she said.

Farah added that the activities were carried out for three days from Sunday to Tuesday. The committee arrived at the Abdi Desa location on Sunday, January 5.

On the second day, Formara UNAIR Students conducted a free health check, food distribution to residents also and Quran reading activities with children.

“Besides, there is also counseling session from Bangkalan Agriculture Office in Miftahul Huda Islamic Boarding School in East Binoh area,” she added.

On the third day, Formara UNAIR students were divided into two teams. The first team conducted teaching, learning activities and counseling at SDN Binoh 1. Furthermore, the other team conducted gymnastics and cleaning village activity.

“In the afternoon, we did a village signboard installation in Binoh Tengah,” she said.

Farah hopes that local people can maintain local wisdom and there will be the electricity infrastructure and the access to Binoh Village can be easier.

“Hopefully, Binoh Village can be more advanced not only in terms of education but also in the economy and health,” she concluded. (*)

Author: Sandi Prabowo

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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