Preventing the spread of DHF in Bendongaten Tuban Village, students conduct socialization

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Mahasiswa KKN 61 Bendonglateng lakukan sosialisasi pencegahan demam berdarah di rumah-rumah warga (Foto: istimewa)
Mahasiswa KKN 61 Bendonglateng lakukan sosialisasi pencegahan demam berdarah di rumah-rumah warga (Foto: istimewa)

UNAIR NEWS – People have to pay more attention to personal health and cleanliness in the surrounding environment during rainy season. Furthermore, humidity and rainfall affect dengue.

A group of UNAIR students participated in the 61st community service (KKN) of Bendonglaten Village, Tuban Regency took the initiative to disseminate the prevention of DHF. Bendonglateng Village is the remotest village from Tuban Regency and has quite difficult access because it is behind the forest.

Until now four children in Bendonglaten have been stricken with dengue. To prevent DBD victims from continuing to grow, students KKN Students collaborate with Kenduruan District Health Center and Village Polyclinic (Polindes) to carry out a DBD socialization program on Friday, January 3. Besides, the socialization was carried out around in one of the ambulances.

Head of the community service, Rizaldi Al Karim explained that the activity was in line with the theme of maternal and child health. “The high rainfall in Tuban Regency, especially in our rural areas in the hills and borders affect the dengue, “he explained.

Rizal and his friend explained how to keep bathtub and the surrounding environment clean. Furthermore, they also accompanied by a team from the local health center to residents’ bathtubs.

“Hopefully, public awareness of the cleanliness of the surrounding environment can be increased, “Rizal added.

Checking mosquito larvae in the bathtub. (Photo: Courtesy)

The socialization program received a positive response from residents and Bendonglateng Community Health Center. One of health worker from Kenduruan Public Health Center, Agus Budianto accompanied the students in the socialization was grateful for the student’s concern in the health field.

“They helped us to improve the quality of health and hygiene in Bendonglateng Village,” he said. (*)

Author: Zanna Afia

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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