Prof. Abdurachman: Positive utterances have great impact on body health

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Prof. Dr. Abdurachman dr., M. Kes., PA (K), delivers his scientific oration at UNAIR Professorship Inauguration, December 18, 2019 in Garuda Mukti Hall, Campus C UNAIR Management Office. (Photo: Muhammad Alif Fauzan)

UNAIR NEWS – There are many ways to go through to be healthy, such as exercising regularly, managing eating patterns, and patterns of activities and maintaining environmental cleanliness. However, one of the health tips that has not been widely known is to speak good and right utterances.

As stated by Prof. Dr. Abdurachman dr., M. Kes., PA (K), when presenting his scientific oration in the inauguration of UNAIR Professors, December 18, 2019 in Garuda Mukti Hall, Campus C UNAIR Management Office. “An utterance has a significant role in maintaining health conditions,” he said.

Prof. Abdurachman said the right utterances meant were correct words used as subject, and object as well as the dose. “Of course, it must also be right on the situation and how it is delivered,” he added.

Related to this, an international researcher Masaru Emoto from Japan conducted several experiments. As a result, some water that was given the word thank you was then frozen and found out to form a perfectly formed complex and beautiful crystal image. Conversely, the image of crystals on the ice that was given the word “you’re an idiot” formed damaged crystal shapes.

The research was also carried out on rice. The results turned out to be similar. Rice given good utterance is not easy to rot and not easy to stale.

Prof. Abdurachman, the 112th professor of Faculty of Medicine (FK) also explained that the body needs high resistance to disease so it does not get sick easily. “The high level of immunity is a barometer of the body’s resistance to all kinds of diseases,” he said.

Given the BPJS problem that has recently occurred, Prof. Abdurachman said that the effort could be a healthy solution that was cheap and easy to do. “By changing the habit of saying bad to saying good and right which is easily done by all levels of society, I think this effort has its potential,” he said.

“No matter how small the changes we make, if we do it simultaneously then Indonesia will surely be free from health problems,” he concluded. (*)

Author: Erika Eight Novanty

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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