High Blood Pressure in Pregnant Mice

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Illustration by Alodokter

Pre-eclampsia is a major cause of feto-maternal morbidity and mortality in the world, characterized by an increase in blood pressure and proteinuria as a visible clinical symptom. Although the disease is caused by poor placentation and endothelial dysfunction, prevention and treatment of pre-eclampsia still require in-depth research.

The method of this study is using a pre-eclampsia model by assuming the injection of anti-Qa2 given early in pregnancy of pre-eclamptic mice show signs of elevated blood pressure and proteinuria often associated with pre-eclampsia. High blood pressure in pregnant mice indicates the occurrence of pre-eclampsia and is followed by examination of proteinuria levels. An increase in proteinuria levels will further strengthen the diagnosis of pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. In this study using a completely randomized design (Pretest-posttest control group design) with 20 BALB / c pregnant mice, where the treatment group (n = 10) was injected intraperitoneally with anti-Qa2 on pregnancy day 1 to 4.

The results of this study showed an increase in blood pressure systole (178.9 ± 18.89) and diastole (162.30 ± 23.38) in the group of pregnant mice injected with anti-Qa2 compared with the normal pregnancy group without anti-Qa2 injection. Pregnant mice that were not injected with anti-Qa2 had systolic blood pressure (109.5 ± 9.56) and diastole (70.10 ± 13.30) (p

The researcher suggested anti-Qa2 injection in mice as a valid and comprehensive model of animal pre-eclampsia experiments. So it can be used as a potential treatment investigation in pre-eclampsia including its prevention efforts.

Author: Prof. Dr. Widjiati, MSi., drh

Details of this research available at


Hikmah E.M., Liben P., Widjiati. 2019. Anti-Qa2 Animal models for preeclampsia preclinical studies: a pathological elevation of blood pressure and proteinuria. Folia Biologica (Kraków) 67: 69-78.

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