Freshmen Introduced to Research During Orientation

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Salah satu mahasiswa baru 2019 Fakultas Farmasi UNAIR tampak antusias mengikuti berjalannya PPKMB Aspirint FF UNAIR. (Sumber : Dokumentasi Panitia)

UNAIR NEWS – The early period of being a student is a very important time. An activity is needed to introduce freshmen to the campus environment and academic community. In addition to fostering a sense of comfort and helping to adapt, this introduction activity also aims to prepare freshmen for the world of lectures.

One of the activities to introduce to Campus Life to Freshmen (PPKMB) held by the faculty at UNAIR is ASPIRINT. ASPIRINT held by Faculty of Pharmacy UNAIR was held to introduce 250 pharmacy freshmen to the campus environment, the academic community, and the world of pharmacy in general.

In 2019, there are some differences in ASPIRINT activities. Not only held in the new building in Campus C, but ASPIRINT 2019 also presented a more interesting concept. It was confirmed by Firmansyah Ardian, Head of BEM FF UNAIR 2019.

“For this year, the core of our program is still the same as the previous year, but there is one different activity, the simulation of PKM development. This PKM simulation is a breakthrough that we think is quite important to give to freshmen, “explained Firman.

As one of the most PKM contributors at UNAIR, Faculty of Pharmacy wants to continue regeneration and help students to realize their potential, especially in terms of research. The Student Creativity Program (PKM) simulation in ASPIRINT activities is expected to ignite the interest of freshmen in conducting and being active in research.

“So later, freshmen will be invited to develop PKM together from the beginning, starting from determining themes, titles, writing proposals, then later we will also hold a science week where they are asked to make posters to promote products designed,” explained Firman.

“We hope that this simulation can arouse the interest of freshmen to participate actively in making PKM and it will facilitate them better later on,” he continued.

Not only PKM simulation, ASPIRINT 2019 also emphasized courtesy and friendliness to fellow academicians. According to Firman, this is a special concern because both of these are important things. Assignments made in groups are also expected to strengthen relations between students from class 2019.

“Through this ASPIRINT activity, freshmen can get a chance to get to know each other, get to know seniors, lecturers, and also the staff. Hopefully, in the future, there will be a close relationship between freshmen and other academicians while maintaining politeness, “he said.

At the end of the interview, Firman hoped that UNAIR Pharmacy freshmen could adapt easily in the campus environment. He also advised the new students to always care about the environment and keep up their spirit of going through their studies. (*)

Author: Sukma Cindra Pratiwi

Editor: Binti Q Masruroh

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