Working in the Millennial Era, The Most Important Thing Is Self Ability

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UNAIR NEWS – After graduating from university, fresh graduates will compete in finding jobs without and with minimal experience, even trying to create jobs. Not many of them are still confused about starting work and adapting to the world of work.

Therefore, Universitas Airlangga Career and Entrepreneurship Development Center (PPKK) held an Entrepreneurial Career Planning Workshop on the Briefing of UNAIR Graduates on Monday, July 08 at Kahuripan Room 300, Management Office of Campus C UNAIR. In collaboration with UNAIR alumni, the activity program runs for one year with four times a month agenda.

In this activity, PPKK had the opportunity to partner Hery Ratno, WEST Learning and Development Managing Trainer, who is also an alumnus of UNAIR Faculty of Humanities (FIB). On that occasion, Hery assumed that the most important factor of working in the millennium is self-ability.

“In the professional world, the important factors are the ability to communicate, interact with others, solve problems, recognize emotions in themselves, and be able to rise when you fall,” said the alumnus of English literature.

For Hery, related to the profession, the essential thing that must be developed is the ability of social intelligence. Besides, someone is required to solve the problem very well.

Hery also explained things related to individual factors that would be assessed by the company. Including some factors that must be developed and considered by workers. These factors are knowledge, skills, and core believes. According to him, applicants must be able to know and have sufficient knowledge about the company to be addressed.

“Know the company that will be applied. If not, do not apply for the company, “he explained.

For Hery, there are two skills. Namely, technical skills and interaction skills. Interaction skills are exemplified by establishing relationships. For core believe or belief, for him, must be able to adjust to the desired job.

“The core believes, it can be a belief of caution. So, avoid applying for a job at the bank. Because you are suitable to work independently, “he said.

That way, it is expected that students and fresh graduates can prepare themselves from the beginning and improve their attitude and bad character. Besides that, it can make UNAIR graduates useful in the world of work. (*)

Author: Asthesia Dhea Cantika

Editor : Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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