Facing Global Challenges, Public Relations at UNAIR Hospital Studying with PIH

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Head of PIH UNAIR Dr. Suko Widodo with Dr. Nily Sulistyorini, SpF., Head of Public Relations PKRS after meeting. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Facing challenges in the digital era, the role of public relations today is important. Public relations must be a strategic part of maintaining the company’s reputation. Questioning the challenge, Public Relation and Health Promotion (PKRS) UNAIR conducted a comparative study to Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) of UNAIR on Thursday, June 27 in Courtroom B, 3rd Floor, Office of Management, Campus C. The visit was welcomed directly by Head of PIH, Dr. Suko Widodo., Drs., M.Si.

Dr. Nily Sulistyorini, SpF., as Head of Public Relations and PKRS, said that the visit aimed to learn about public relations management procedures in developing information, creating digital-based products and providing the best service to the public.

“I’m well aware that branding and professionalism are needed in developing public relations competencies. UNAIR Hospital has excellent potential to develop and adapt for its human resources,” she concluded.

Continued Dr. Nily, with the visit, both are expected to maintain good relations. Hopefully, PIH UNAIR and PKRS can learn to be public relations professionals who can provide excellent service to the community.

Meanwhile, Dr. Suko said UNAIR public relations was still very conventional by creating a product of printed newspapers. However, PIH has carried out a communication revolution by transferring all digital-based public relations products since 2013.

“I am well aware that our current market is the millennial generation that is literate in media and digital literacy,” he said.

Furthermore, Dr. Suko revealed that the direction of PKRS UNAIR had to change from conventional to digital. Public relations imagery can be measured from the products and services provided.

Besides, he also urged that Head of public relations must be a good leader in communication to convey their aspiration and impression regarding the services offered. Furthermore, Public Relations of  Universitas Airlangga Hospital is expected to have its hospital management in managing information from stakeholders and internally. Its facilities and services also support it.

“Not only managing internal institutions but also communicating with external parties,” he added.

Author: Khefti Al Mawalia

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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