Progressive Literacy Movement Through Writing Training

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UNAIR NEWS – Book Series Club (KSB) is a literacy community in Surabaya which was established in December 2018. Since its inception, KSB has always consistently held open discussions with various themes. Until now, KSB has increasingly shown its existence in working to build a literacy culture in Surabaya.

It was indicated by KSB initiation in writing training with Universitas Airlangga. The KSB writing training raised four different themes, each of the training held at the end of the month starting from June to September 2019. The first training session was held on Saturday, June 22. The first theme is critical reading with Aulia Ardista Wiradarmo a Nonfiction book Club Content Creator.

“This class is a form of community service in the field of literacy. Participants will jointly create popular scientific works along with the end of the program,” said Agung Hari Baskoro as KSB Event Core Coordinator.

In the first session class reviewed by Aulia Ardista that critical reading is an essential provision for prospective writers. It helps potential writers know the procedures of writing and also useful for adding knowledge and references.

“The next class sessions will take the theme of writing histography, knowledge management, and writing and publication work,” said Agung Hari Baskoro.

Baskoro said the histography writing class in July, and there will be Max Lane. He is known for his success in translating the tetralogy book by Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Bumi Manusia, Anak Semua Bangsa, Jejak Langkah, dan Rumah Kaca from Indonesian into English.

The meaning of histography itself is historical writing. Louis Gottschalk said that histography is a form of publication both in written and oral form relating to events in the past. So according to Baskoro, Max Lane is the right speaker for the second session of KSB class.

Baskoro added that for Management and Writing and Publication class, KSB invited Agie Nugroho, Lecturer at Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) and Rizky Amelia Zein Lecturer at Faculty of Psychology (FPsi).

In the end, Baskoro hoped that writing training carried out by KSB could be useful for honing the writing skills of the participants. After the activity ended, they hoped that they would be able to apply the authorship methods appropriately.

“For your information, KSB writing training is free. The participants will not be charged a penny for training, “he concluded.

Author: Tunjung Senja Widuri

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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