UNAIR Accepts Directly 5 Students During Registration Socialization

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Five students who have enrolled in UNAIR SBMPTN were declared accepted in UNAIR for their achievements. (Photo: Alif Fauzan)

PIH UNAIR – Two days before the closing of registration for admission of SBMPTN, Universitas Airlangga held an event “Gelar SBMPTN dan Mandiri 2019”. The event was held on Saturday, June 22. The aim of this event is providing information about UNAIR SBMPTN and Independent Admission for prospective UNAIR students. The event took place at Garuda Mukti Hall Management Office Campus C UNAIR.

For SBMPTN selection, UNAIR Rector Prof. Moh Nasih said the selection is based on Computer-Based Writing Exams (UTBK).

“In SBMPTN, it is very likely that prospective students with a lower score below will be accepted compared to students who have a higher score. UNAIR also considers student achievements, “explained Rector.

Besides, UNAIR also provides exceptional opportunities for Bidikmisi applicants. In 2019, Bidikmisi UNAIR quota is 1,050 students. Only about 400 students filled in SNMPTN. Therefore, there are at least 600 students who will be re-arranged by Bidikmisi on SBMPTN.

“As long as the registrant’s score is in passing grade, then the person concerned will be given the opportunity to be accepted (Bidikmisi, ed),” said Rector.

In 2019, UNAIR Rector prioritized two prospective students, namely those who performed well and Bidikmisi applicants or families with economically disadvantaged. In addition, for students who want to achieve globally, there are international classes, double degree, and outbound programs. Prospective students who are willing to take part in the program will receive priority. However, the scoring aspect remains the dominant factor.

Some of the participants of “Gelar SBMPTN dan Mandiri 2019” which took place at Hall of Garuda Mukti UNAIR Management Office, Saturday on June 22. (Photo: Alif Fauzan)

Until Saturday, June 22 at 2:00 p.m., based on updated data from UNAIR New Student Admission Center (PPMB), there were 1,136 medical study program applicants, 954 pharmacist study program applicants, and 839 public health study program applicants. While for social sciences, there were 862 of law study program applicants, 764 management study program applicants, 689 psychology study program applicants, and 661 accounting study program applicants.

SBMPTN will be closed on June 24 and will be announced on July 9. Meanwhile, Independent Admission will be closed on the same date, June 24, and the written test will be held on June 30.

Professor of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UNAIR said Independent Admission UNAIR 2019 does not open for Bidikmisi registrants. If Bidikmisi quota has not been fulfilled, it will be diverted to vocational studies (D3-D4).

Surprisingly, in “Gelar SBMPTN & Mandiri 2019,” there were five students accepted directly. Namely, Alifia in development economics study program, Ahmad Alifiandi in English Literature study program, Alvina Dewi in Sociology study program, Hasnia Salma in Nutrition study program, and Adelia Oktavia Putri in History Science study program.

The five participants accepted due to national and international achievement. In addition, they have a high score in UTBK, and subject values ​​are in accordance with their score of the subject that they choose for study programs. (*)

Author: Binti Q. Masruroh

This post is also available in: Indonesian

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