Entrepreneurship Bazaar Encourages Students to Find Business Opportunities in their Field of Study

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PROF. Dr. Tri Martiana, Dr., M.S as Dean of FKM UNAIR visited one of FKM UNAIR alumni booths (Photo: Galuh Mega Kurnia)

UNAIR NEWS – Faculty of Public Health (FKM) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held an entrepreneurial bazaar on Friday, June 21. In this activity, dozens of products from student creativity were exhibited and sold to visitors.

Dr. Ernawaty drg., M.Kes, or familiarly called Erna explained the event was an implementation of a business plan. The bazaar participants are fourth-semester students from S1 Public Health Sciences (IKM) and S1 Nutrition Sciences.

Furthermore, for IKM groups that have been formed are required to do a business related to the eight specialization areas in FKM UNAIR. They are administration and policy on health, nutrition, health promotion, and behavioral science, environmental health, occupational safety and health, epidemiology, biostatistics, and reproductive health.

“Our goal to introduce this specialization is so that students know, understand and are sure that in each specialization we can develop entrepreneurship and there is a business that can be done for each area of ​​interest,” explained Erna, the entrepreneurial person in charge of PJMK integration.

One example is 2017 IKM B class K3 group product, Salip or safety slipper. A sandal designed for work safety, especially for farmers.

“We often see farmers not wearing footwear. So we began to design sandals designs that would be comfortable for them to use during their work and it could prevent them from being injured by sharp objects, “explained Meita and Hestya, members of the group.

Besides, FKM UNAIR also invited alumnus who joined in the field of entrepreneurship to motivate students in entrepreneurship. The 1999 FKM UNAIR alumnus, Bagus Supriyanto is working on apple cider vinegar business in Malang.

“For students, open your mind. There are many fortune doors there,” said Bagus.

The entrepreneurship bazaar successfully attracted people attention of inside and outside FKM UNAIR. In addition, Dr. Thinni Nurul Rochmah Dra. Ec. M.Kes, Vice Dean of FKM UNAIR was there witnessing students creativity.

“There were several student business ideas, and they can arrange their business to become professional entrepreneur, “said the lecturer.

Besides, Prof. Dr. Tri Martiana, Dr., M.S or Prof. Tri, as Dean of FKM UNAIR said that anything could be developed in the business world.

“Sometimes, there is a sense of competition, and that is normal. Because it will increasingly make us try harder to sell our products and that is the art of entrepreneurship. Thus, may God bless us, “said Prof. Tri.

Author: Galuh Mega Kurnia

Editor : Khefti Al Mawalia

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