UNAIR Ready to Hold “Gelar SBMPTN & Jalur Mandiri “

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Illustration by Feri Fenoria R

UNAIR NEWS – To provide access and more detailed information on Joint Selection of State Universities (SBMPTN) and Independent Pathway of Universitas Airlangga, Information and Public Relations Center (PIH) and Student Admission Center (PPMB) will hold SBMPTN and Independent UNAIR 2019.

Regarding the activity, Dr. Suko Widodo, M.Si., as Head of PIH UNAIR said the inaugural event is the responsibility of UNAIR to provide the broadest possible access and information to the public.

“Certainly not all the public clearly understands the rules and various new schemes at SBMPTN and independently this year. For this reason, we need to conduct activities like this,” said Suko in his office on Tuesday, June 18.

The event will be held at Garuda Mukti Campus C UNAIR Hall on Saturday, June 22 and will be attended by UNAIR Rector, Prof. Moh. Nasih. Later, he will give a presentation about SBMPTN and Independent Pathway in UNAIR.

“Not only that, participants are allowed to ask much as they want to Rector about various things related to SBMPTN and Independent Pathway in UNAIR,” said Suko.

Moreover, Suko said that all parties, including students, teachers, parents, and various parties who received information about SBMPTN and Independent Pathway could join the event. Certainly, it could be one of the proper considerations for all participants in determining their choices on SBMPTN and the Mandiri Pathway.

“Hopefully, the participants, both students, teachers, and parents, can determine their study program choice at SBMPTN and independent pathway wisely,” said Suko.

For additional information, SBMPTN and UNAIR Independent Pathway are opened almost at the same time. Both ways will be closed on June 24. For SBMPTN, UNAIR will receive a total of 2194 students while Independent Pathway, UNAIR will receive 1644 students.

Author: Nuri Hermawan

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