Getting Ready for Professional World through Career Workshop

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Job interview simulation with Dr. Hamidah, M.Si., Psychologist. (Photo: Sukma Cindra)

UNAIR NEWS – Entering the end of their studies, students should start to seek information about the professional world. A lot must be prepared, from hard skills such as GPA and knowledge to soft skills, including other skills and the ability to work together.

To help students prepare themselves, BEM FF UNAIR held a Career Workshop. It was held on Saturday, May 25, 2019, in RK3.3 Nanizar Zaman Building of Faculty of Pharmacy attended by dozens of students. The participants were mostly sixth and eighth-semester students.

“So, we want to help Pharmacy students preparing themselves before entering the professional world by inviting experts in their fields,” said Paskalis Yosna as the chief executive.

Paskalis said that this Career Workshop event had become a regular activity for BEM, and it always gets a good response from students. With Dr. Hamidah, M.Si., Psychologist, Paskalis as the speaker, Paskalis hoped that participants could get a lot of information regarding the world of work, especially regarding preparation for job interviews.

After the seminar, there was a job interview simulation to train the readiness of participants.

“In job interviews, the attitude is emphasized more than GPA or hard skills. So we held a simulation to see the readiness of students in facing with such situations, “Paskalis explained.

In the simulation, several students were asked to go forward, then sat face to face with Dr. Hamidah. After that, Hamidah asked several questions that often asked in job interviews. After the participants answered, Hamidah assessed and gave inputs for improvements.

Meanwhile, Rafiqa Amalia of external affairs department said that the Career Workshop event was a request from students. Before planning work programs, questionnaires were distributed to FF UNAIR students. It aims to make programs that are on target and meet the needs of students.

“According to the questionnaires, most students want an event related to preparation to the world of work,” said Rafiqa.

In the seminar, Hamidah emphasized the importance of honing soft skills, especially communication skills. According to Hamidah, a high GPA will not have a significant effect without the existence of excellent communication and cooperation skills. She also hoped that students in the millennial era could be aware of this and start to improve themselves.

“The most important thing is communication and self-confidence. Because work is not only a matter of intelligence and expertise but also the ability to build relationships with other people, ” she said. (*)

Author: Sukma Cindra Pratiwi

Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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