UNAIR Menwa Strengthens the Relation Through Iftar Gathering

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Sahur On The Road (SOTR) activities at 10 November park Surabaya on May 19. (Photo: Anin)

UNAIR NEWS – Student Activity Unit (UKM Student Regiment (Menwa) ) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) strengthened the relation through iftar gathering on Saturday-Sunday, May 18-19. The event took place in UPTD and Sahur On The Road (SOTR) at 10 November park in Surabaya.

The activities carried out during Ramadan 1440 H are routinely held every year. The goal is spreading the love for the nation.

The iftar gathering held in UPTD Kampung Anak Negeri Surabaya and attended by Head of UKM Menwa and alumni. The activities carried out with foster children UPTD Kampung Anak Negeri run smoothly.

Riski, one of the participants from Kampung Anak Negeri revealed that the activity held by UNAIR students was very interesting. He hoped that similar activities could be carried out again.

“It’s fun and exciting. We are happy because there are games, snacks, and prizes, “said Riski.

On the same occasion, Anton as the supervisor of UPTD Kampung Anak Negeri gave an impression and message for UNAIR Menwa to hold similar activities in the future.

“We are grateful for iftar gathering and games held by Menwa UNAIR. Hopefully, this activity will strengthen its relation with children. “Anton said.

Iftar Gathering in UPTD Kampung Anak Negeri Surabaya on May 18. (Photo: Megie)

Meanwhile, Sahur On The Road was held at 10 November park in Surabaya. One of SOTR activities series is suhoor food distribution.

Head of the event, Aisyah said that the purpose of suhoor food distribution is increasing the awareness of Menwa members to the community.

Author: Faisal Dika Utama

Editor: Binti Q Masruroh

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