Tips from Yuda to Have Balanced Academic and Organization Performance

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Yuda Prayogi during a presentation in the selection of Campus Ambassador UNAIR Banyuwangi 2019
Yuda Prayogi during a presentation in the selection of Campus Ambassador UNAIR Banyuwangi 2019 (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – College students may have to choose what to focus on during their studies. They can focus on academic performance, making achievements, or become an organization activist. Most students are only able to focus on one thing, but it is different for Yuda Prayogi, one of the students of PSDKU UNAIR Faculty of Public Health in Banyuwangi who managed to balance these three things in his college years.

He believes that students are required to perform well in those three things, in accordance with Tri Dharma of Higher Education, so if one element does not go well, the student is deemed less successful.

“So, with good management, I try to make the three things students should have run well,” said the 2017 student.

In academic activities, Yuda is an outstanding student of UNAIR PSDKU in 2018. He is also active in research with the lecturer as he co-authored a book on ” Screening Module Books by Cadre of Mental Health for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers”.

The male student also gave tips on balancing academic, achievement and organization performance, by making targets to achieve. In 2019, he has made 63 targets that will be divided each month to find out what needs to be achieved and make priorities.

“Not only do I make a target achievement, I also need support from parents, especially through prayers, as well as the support of friends and the environment,” he added.

Besides being active in academic activities, Yuda also won several competitions. The latest achievement was as the first runner up UNAIR Banyuwangi Campus Ambassador, as Banyuwangi Cooperative Agency delegation for a scientific work presentation, as 1st winner of National Essay Competition, and the upcoming GHC Singapore Conference on reproductive health education which will be held in July.

The Head of Department of Social Affairs, Student Family (KM) UNAIR Banyuwangi PSDKU, is also active in social missions. Now he is empowering the village of Tamansari-Banyuwangi. Previously, he had been involved in natural disaster aid as a volunteer in Banten and Palu.

“Focus on our targets, do not ignore the negative comments from other people who try to demean us, our efforts will not run well, while time goes on and targets must also be achieved,” said Yuda.

At the end of the meeting with UNAIR NEWS, Yuda encouraged other students to prioritize their intention to be useful for the community.

“Try to start with good intentions, so that later when our achievements are not on target, we can accept with sincerity, and if target achieved, InsyaAllah, we will have meaningful gratitude,” he concluded. (*)

Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

This post is also available in: Indonesian

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