Rica Naudita Krisna Setioningrum Make Myriad of Achievements through Scientific Works

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RICA Naudita Krisna Setioningrum with Vice Rector II UNAIR during KBMI product exhibition
RICA Naudita Krisna Setioningrum with Vice Rector II UNAIR during KBMI product exhibition. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS –  Rica Naudita Krisna Setioningrum never thought she would make a myriad of achievements in various fields. The student graduated from SMAN 1 Trenggalek has indeed been active in Youth Scientific Work (KIR) competitions and won some of them.

Rica is now a sixth-semester student of FKM UNAIR Public Health. Studying in Public Health is her dream since high school, as she has always been interested in the health and community sector.

Rica is known to have served as Head of Ormada Trenggalek Students of Universitas Airlangga (TERAS). She admitted that she studied very hard to get into FKM UNAIR. She passed the selection (SNMPTN) to get into FKM UNAIR and got a Bidikmisi scholarship.

Rica is active participating in various competitions and also active in organizations. She often won titles and became finalists in regional and national competitions.

Her achievements were first winner of LKTIN at University of Jember, the 3rd Winner of LKTIN at Diponegoro University, the 3rd Winner of LKTIN at University of Malang 2018, the Finalist of 2014 LKTI Regional Coordination Competition, Finalist of FKM UNAIR National Photography Competition, Finalist of UNAIR Public Health Project Competition, Indonesian Student Business 2018 Competition Finalist, Qualifying for PMW UNAIR funding, Finalist for Outstanding Student FKM UNAIR, Qualifying for PKM 2019 funding.

Rica also shared about challenges she has faced so far, such as about her time management for lectures, organizations, and competitions. But with perseverance, all these challenges can be dealt with.

“Although I often fail, I still struggle and try, because from each of failure I learn and evaluate. So I am not afraid to try even if it has the potential to fail, because I am sure it will be a valuable lesson, ” she said.

The girl who has been the 2nd secretary at Garuda Sakti UNAIR gave tips so students would not give up easily. Students should persevere, not to be ambitious and evaluate regularly, never underestimate everything even if it seems trivial because these things will make them more progressive and competent. (*)


Author: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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