Yanuar Optimistic to Make FORMARA a Quality Regional Organization

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PHOTOS between FORMARA administrators for 2019/2020 period with the organization staff. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Madura Student Forum (FORMARA) Universitas Airlangga formed new management for 2019/2020 period. In the management, Ramdan Yanuaris Salam was elected as Head of FORMARA accompanied by Arif Febrian Anwar and Siti Sufina as Vice of FORMARA. Yanuar is optimistic that he will make FORMARA a quality and quality regional organization.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS on Monday, May 20. Yanuar expressed his gratitude to the FORMARA family who gave him the trust to lead the organization. He will try to maintain commitment and trust in carrying out this duty.

“Hopefully, I can be a good leader for the organization” he said.

Yanuar stated that he would try to synergize FORMARA family from four different districts with the slogan “Four in one, settong tretan”.

“I believe that FORMARA will synergize in achieving one goal,” he explained.

He explained about FORMARA’s slogan, “Four in One Settong Tretan”. The slogan is the enthusiasm of FORMARA UNAIR students from four different districts, which must be put together in the frame of FORMARA UNAIR.

Under Yanuar’s leadership, in the future FORMARA UNAIR will try to improve its capabilities in the academic and humanitarian fields through the work program of Formara Goes To School, Gubuk Baca dan Abdi Desa. He believes that FORMARA students are intellectuals who are able to face challenges in the future.

“As an agent of change, I believe FORMARA will be ready to become a quality regional organization,” he concluded.

Furthermore, Siti Sufina as Vice of FORMARA for 2019/2020 period likens herself as a ship crew member who will always accompany the captain. She has the responsibility to ensure that FORMARA arrives properly.

“This ship (FORMARA, ed) will be great when everyone believe that they can achieve their goals,” he added. (*)

Author: Sandi Prabowo

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

This post is also available in: Indonesian

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