UNAIR Lecturer Writes Entrepreneurship Book in Three Weeks

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UNAIR NEWS – From the power point material collected during her lectures, Dr. Tri Siwi Agustina, SE., M.Si., wrote an Entrepreneurship book in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 for three weeks. The book 4th book authored by Dr. Siwi.

Interviewed by UNAIR NEWS in Master’s Management Building, Dr. Siwi said that the book was written on March 11, 2019 and submitted to the publisher on April 1, 2019. Her teaching session was one reason for the short book writing process.

The book will be reviewed in Meet The Author event to be held at Wiyata Room on the first floor of campus B UNAIR on Tuesday, May 21 2019 at 11.00. A thousand books have been printed and are available at Gramedia bookstores and Togamas.

Dr. Siwi said that the book was written because the current entrepreneurship books used by students are international books that present different cultural, government support, and university contexts.

With inappropriate examples found in the books, Dr. Siwi was inspired to make an example that students can understand. “Initially, the material I delivered was from the textbook and I took the examples from Indonesia,” she continued.

Not all entrepreneurs used as examples are from Indonesia, but Dr. Siwi chose businessmen who are not very different from students in age. That is because the scope of problems faced by entrepreneurs will be the same as students who want to start a business.

The challenges they face are not much different from the industrial revolution 4.0.
So, it is more appropriate examples than entrepreneurs with a wider age gap with students.

With the increasing amount of lessons taught to students Dr. Siwi wrote them into a book,  4th from the entrepreneurial book series. The book uses easy-to-understand language and the examples shown are based on the reality faced by millennials today.

Regarding the contents, Dr. Siwi explained, the beginning of the book shows the process of how to be an entrepreneur, the characteristics needed for entrepreneurs, the motivation of the entrepreneur, and also the technicality from getting ideas, taking advantage of opportunities, then implementation.

In the middle part of the book, Dr. Siwi discusses business risks and how to get financial technology funding. Also, how to go online to get wider market coverage. And in the end, Dr. Siwi explained how to make a business plan step by step, including the most modern form of business plan called the canvas business model.

“In this book there are also woman entrepreneurs. But I still see them how they look at their business traditionally. In the future I want to make woman entrepreneurs from a modern perspective, ” she added.

Through the book, Dr. Siwi hoped to make the younger generation, especially millennials, think that entrepreneurship is not something difficult. The younger generation should not consider entrepreneurship to be something inherited but it can be learned.

The entrepreneurial world is a very dynamic world and requires networking. “Therefore, in my book, I show how millennial generation should not only be consumers but also creators,” she concluded. (*)

Author: M. Najib Rahman
Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifai

This post is also available in: Indonesian

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