BREGMA 2019 Invites 300 Orphans for Iftar

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Children while listening to a story at Graha Auditorium - BIK IPTEKDOK FK UNAIR on Saturday, May 18. (Photo: Courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – Iftar with 2019 Young Orphans (BREGMA) in Graha Auditorium – BIK IPTEKDOK Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Airlangga (FK UNAIR) on Saturday, May 18. The event was organized by Department of Syias Assalam, an Islamic organization in FK UNAIR.

BREGMA invited all FK UNAIR academics for iftar gathering with children from 3 orphanages in Surabaya. There were Yatim Cahaya Insani Orphanage, Ibnu Sina Foundation Orphanage and Arif Rahman Hakim Orphanage. In the event, 300 children and 200 FK UNAIR academics enlivened the event.

Several elementary and middle school kids are invited to play verse-playing games and quiz. In addition, they listened to some stories from Anshori and his doll, Kacong. The story urges children to be religious.

“Exciting and happy. The game is easy, I like the story, “Adinda said from TPAI Al Akmal.

This time, BREGMA raised the theme of “That ‘s Called True Love”. Nabil Fauzi Barmen as the organizer of BREGMA said the theme based on the importance of love. “By understanding the true love, our lives will be better. ” he concluded.

“In the Al-Quran verse it has also been recommended to feed orphans,” he added. The orphanage’s staff expressed their good impression. They were happy and helped by BREGMA.

“The event is great because children can play and learn from the stories. The program is very helpful, thank you for the invitation,” said Ms. Zakiya from PPAY Al Amal.

“It’s not just this one time I’ve come here, it’s been 3 times. All the children are happy, thank you for helping orphans, ” said Ms. Herna from Al Fatih Orphanage. (*)

Author: Mu’ammarin Rosikhuna Ilma

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

This post is also available in: Indonesian

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