Ormada Ikamala-Rawatungga Strengthens Gathering with Orphans

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UNAIR NEWS – Both blessings and rewards are multiplied during Ramadan. Utilizing the momentum of Ramadhan, Regional Student Organization (Ormada) Lamongan Student Association (Ikamala) collaborated with Student Movement in Tuban Airlangga (Rawatungga) in holding a gathering with orphans. The activity was held at Darul Hikmah Islamic Boarding School Foundation at Jalan Gubeng Kertajaya Gang 5C Surabaya on Friday, May 16.

Attended by both Ormada and 40 orphans, the activity went smoothly. The program was filled with tausiyah and question & answer session then continued by iftar meal activity.

Deni Rahmat, the person in charge of the activity stated the event was a form of collaboration between Ikamala and Rawatungga. In addition, the activity was also intended as a form of introduction to Ikamala and Rawatungga to the surrounding community.

“Lamongan and Tuban are close relatives and our communication is great. So, we held this event together, “he added.

Deni said, the event was prepared before the fasting month. From looking for a place, conceptualize the event and find funds for the event.

“In this activity, the funds come from the pocket money of each member and second ormada alumni,” he added.

With the implementation of the activity, Deni hopes that the gratitude will grow in each of members. Sebba, according to him, success is not measured by the amount of wealth, but it comes from each individual’s gratitude feelings.

“Hopefully, we can be better, more advanced, better known by the community, and able to boast Lamongan and Tuban region, ” he said.

Meanwhile, Dimas Aji Prasetyo, Head of Rawatungga said he was very happy and supported the event. In addition, in the month of Ramadhan, both Ormada can take advantage of the momentum to jointly meet with orphans and Darul Hikmah Foundation.

“Hopefully, I can continue to work together both personally and in the context of organizational activities. Thus, this kind of event can be implemented again not only in the realm of foundation but also in the realm of general public,” he concluded. (*)

Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifai

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