Hijrah Motivates Teguh to Write a Book

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TEGUH Imami, author of the book of Millennial Hijrah. (Photo: Courtesy).

UNAIR NEWS – Starting from unease to see the phenomenon of hijrah in Indonesia, Teguh Imami, an alumnus of UNAIR History Sciences, wrote a book. According to him, hijrah became a rapidly developing phenomenon in the community.

Teguh said that at least four phenomena of hijrah are developing in the community. First, so many artists who began to do hijrah. Secondly, there are so many  Islamic events with hijrah theme. Third, the emergence of hijrah communities and fourth, millennial generation interest towards hijrah.

“Starting from public figure: Teuku Wisnu and Arie Untung. Then, Islamic communities such as Muslim United, Islamic Fest, Pemuda Shift, Kaft, to Airlangga Hijrah, “Teguh said.

“Millennial (young, ed) generation are interesting. When I asked them about hijrah, It turns out because they watched Islamic films, religious lectures on Youtube and radio, and went to a workshop regarding marriage “he added.

By observing the phenomenon, Teguh wants to show the public that the phenomenon of hijrah millennial actually happened and fully supported by the development of social media.

Therefore, through his new book entitled Millennial Hijrah, Teguh wants to present an analysis of his ideas which contained in two chapters. The first chapter tells the hijrah story of nine young men who have different paths. The second chapter tells the emergence of hijrah communities in Indonesia.

“All of them have different ways of hijrah and it was influenced by Islamic community movements like Pemuda Shift from Ustadz Hanan Attaki who often posted about hijrah on Instagram and Youtube, “he explained.

Teguh admitted, working on the two chapters was challenging because he had to work at Suaramuslim.net in the morning to evening. As well as being the supervisor of Markaz Knight at night.

“Then when did I write? When most people are sleeping. Furthermore, I finished this book for a year. It is hard to write this book but I believe that Ibnu Khaldun and Imam Al-Ghazali wrote books in a short time, “he said.

After being published, Teguh had three big hopes for the community. First, he wants to be activists and active in writing as well. Secondly, Teguh reminds his friends who are in the process of hijrah to be better.

Last, Teguh hopes that the younger generation will love reading books because youth are more interested in games and Youtube nowadays.

“So, I want the literacy to be resurrected by the millennial generation,” said the former UKMKI Secretary-General.

Author: Fariz Ilham Rosyidi

Editor: Feri Fenoria

This post is also available in: Indonesian

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