FISIP UNAIR Strengthens Cooperation between Indonesia and United States

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HEATHER Variava (Deputy Chief of Mission for the U.S Mission in Indonesia) as a speaker during her visit to FISIP UNAIR on Monday, May 5 at Adi Sukadana Room, Building A, FISIP UNAIR. (Photo: Ransis Putra Gaut)

UNAIR NEWS – Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Airlangga received a visit from Heather Variava (Deputy Chief of Mission for U.S Mission in Indonesia) on Monday, May 13 at Adi Sukadana Room, Building A, FISIP UNAIR. The visit aims to commemorate 70 years of relations between Indonesia and the United States.

Prof. Myrtati Diah Artaria, Dra., M.A., Ph.D. as Vice Dean III of FISIP UNAIR said that reviewing the relation between Indonesia and U.S is important. “All of you are very lucky to meet Ms. Heather today. You will get valuable knowledge about the relation between the U.S and the countries in Indo-Pacific, directly from Ms. Heather,” she said.

Furthermore, there were students of International Relations from Universitas Pembangunan Negeri Veteran Jawa Timur and Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya. Heather explained that Indonesia and the U.S had been establishing the relationship in the fields of social, education, politics, economy, culture and security. The collaboration is aimed to make the two countries more advanced and stronger.

“In the education field, there are many students from Indonesia study in the U.S. They learn to develop their skills so when they return here (ed, Indonesia). They can contribute to the nation. While in the social field, America will help if disasters occur in Indonesia such as assistance during the tsunami in Palu-Sulawesi recently,” she said.

Heather also appreciates the Indonesia Government which has been pro-active in supporting the realization of peace in Middle East countries. Hopefully, the Government together with other countries will continue to raise a voice in spreading kindness to keep peacefulness around the Middle East, especially Israel and Palestine.

Besides, she suggested the students to find scholarships in the U.S. “Use your social media such as Instagram, facebook, and twitter to get scholarship information ” she added. (*)

Author: Ransis Putra Gaut

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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