Indonesian Companies Must Be Ready to Face Global Market Challenges

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BAGAS DIPA BRAMASTHA representatives of BEM FEB UNAIR receives a token of appreciation.
BAGAS DIPA BRAMASTHA, representative of BEM FEB UNAIR receives a token of appreciation. (Photo: By courtesy)

UNAIR NEWS – The ongoing development of digital economy requires companies to adapt and create more innovations. Over time, global economic competition will be getting fiercer.

In response to this phenomenon, BEM FEB UNAIR was invited as a guest and a speaker at Tulungagung IAIN National Dialogue, Creativepreneur, to present an idea that companies must be ready to change.

The event which took place on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at IAIN Tulungagung was attended by some Islamic State Universities in East Java. The speaker from BEM FEB UNAIR was Bagas Dipa Bramastha, a 2016 Management Program student.

Companies in Indonesia must always be ready for change and emphasize competitiveness excellence. Dynamic global competition leads to efforts maintaining superiority of each company.

It must be done to win the market. If the company does not want to adapt with time, it will be left behind in global competition.

Bagas Dipa Bramastha said that every company leader must be open-minded and smart in seeing market opportunities and shortcomings. It needs to be done in order to excel in global competition.

“In corporate environment, changes often occur due to the effects of globalization. So appropriate change management is needed. Good strategy is very necessary to achieve effectiveness and excellent pace of the company, “he concluded.

In addition to emphasizing adaptation to digital economy development, companies also need to recruit creative and innovative workers. It will greatly help companies in facing global competition and attracting more market interest.

Bagas also said that in running a business, people should not always feel safe, because this could be a sign that the business is in a dangerous condition. According to him, the government needs to hold a national dialogue event regularly with students and experts. Because it will provide lessons and positive impacts in an effort to foster new innovators who are able to adapt and face global competition. (*)


Author: Muhammad Wildan Suyuti

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

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