Analyzing the Dynamics of Education in Indonesia

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UNAIR NEWS – History Department of Faculty of Humanities (FIB) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) in collaboration with Selarung Institute held a book review on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 in Siti Parwati Room, FIB UNAIR. The book was titled ” Pendidikan, Kekuasaan, dan Kolonialisme (Education, Power and Collonialism)” written by Dr. Agus Suwignyo, M.A.

The reviewer Dr. Sarkawi B. Husein, SS, M. Hum accompanied Dr. Agus Suwignyo, MA to discuss his book. Regarding his book, Dr. Agus explained that studies on the history of Indonesia education is still rare.

“In the 1980s there were a lot of people writing about the history of Education. However, in the era of 1990s, it began to diminish and in the era of the 2000s there were only compilation of writings from the previous era, “said Agus.

Furthermore, Dr. Agus said that the dynamics of Education in Indonesia is more about continuation than change. The education model in Indonesia inherits the education system during colonialism of the Dutch.

Dr. Sarkawi agreed with the statement of Dr. Agus. He revealed that the most visible from this phenomenon is the existence of many exclusive schools in Indonesia. There are special schools for Muslims, special schools for Christians. This phenomenon is a legacy of the Dutch education model in the past.

The phenomenon of exclusive schools is very dangerous for the existence of Indonesia as a pluralistic nation. It brings potential for conflict in the community. “In a research we did in eleven cities in Indonesia, it was found that the potential for conflict increased. And as we observed, it has something to do with the rise of exclusive schools in Indonesia, “he said.

Before the end of activity, Dr. Sarkawi suggested to all participants to read the book written by Dr. Agus. “This book is a must-read book, its contents are comprehensive to help our understanding on the dynamics and existing problems of education system in Indonesia today,” he added. (*)


Author: Ransis Putra Gaut

Editor: Khefti Al Mawalia

This post is also available in: Indonesian

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