UNAIR Bidikmisi Alumni Create dibidikmisi.com

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Website display of dibidikmisi.com. (Source: dibidikmisi.com )
Website display of dibidikmisi.com. (Source: dibidikmisi.com )

UNAIR NEWS – Becoming alumni of Bidikmisi does not mean that the struggle and contribution to Bidikmisi is complete. There is a challenge to always contribute. It was done by five Bidikmisi alumni of Universitas Airlangga.

Sukartono, one of the UNAIR Bidikmisi alumni said that together with Prakuta Wijaya, Reza Bakhtiar, Ema Marantika, and Bulane Septiana, created an Instagram account dibidikmisi.com . This account was created as an effort to strengthen the contribution of Bidikmisi in the future. At the same time to maintain bidikmisi by the government with the development and correction of the program.

Sukartono said that dibidikmisi was chosen because it had its own meaning. The word “di” stands for ” demi Indonesia (for Indonesia)”. Thus the name “dibidikmisi” is a name that has bidikmisi ideals as a movement for the good of Indonesia.

“We chose the ‘power of alumni’ as tagline which indicates that our basic intention from this account is to ignite the power of alumni. So that in the future it can trigger service to Indonesia, “he added.

Sukartono explained the idea of ​​creating the account emerged because he felt bidikmisi alumni movements from campus to national level was still lacking.

In addition to maintaining bidikmisi’s existence, Sukartono added, it has three other goals according to the audience. They are bidikmisi applicants or high school students, then bidikmisi recipients, and alumni themselves.

For high school students, the account aims to guard Bidikmisi to be on target. Therefore, the account often provides answers regarding registration of bidikmisi and college entrance selection.

“We all know via social media everything can be viral. And, it can reach Indonesia. This is extraordinary for us, “he said.

For students, the account tries to be inspiring through contents about bidikmisi recipient’s achievements. From this kind of contents, the audience will be motivated and inspired to become outstanding students. As for alumni, the account provides info on vacancies, S-2 scholarship info, group sharing on civil servant vacancy, etc.

Regarding developments in dibidikmisi.com, Sukartono explained that they are still focused on Instagram rather than website. Because, according to him, Instagram is more popular among millennials.

Within a year, continued Sukartono, dibidikmisi.com Instagram accounts reached 28 thousand followers. Moreover, Sukartono was also invited to represent the account on January 30 to discuss about Bidikmisi alumni with Director General of Belmawa of the Indonesian ministry.

“It indicates that our account has gained recognition as part of a creative effort to spread bidikmisi ideas,” he added.

Sukartono hoped that the account can continue to contribute to Indonesian people. He also advised Bidikmisi organization to be responsible. The administrators does not have to stop even though they are no longer students.

“Once being a bidikmisi administrator, they will always remain a bidikmisi administrator,” he said. (*)


Author: M. Najib Rahman

Editor: Feri Fenoria Rifa’i

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