Archives Need to Respond Technological Progress with Paperless

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REPRESENTING UNAIR Rector, Dr. Purnawan Basundoro SS, M. Hum., delivered a speech at the closing of International Conference on Archives Social Sciences, Humanities and Education (ICoASHE) 2019 on Tuesday, April 23 at Garuda Mukti Hall 5th Floor, UNAIR Management Office Campus C. (Photo: Feri Fenoria Rifa'I)

UNAIR NEWS – International Conference on Archives Social Science, Humanities and Education (ICoASHE) 2019 at Universitas Airlangga was officially closed on Tuesday, April 23 initiated by Indonesian College of Archives Association (PAPTI) in collaboration with UNAIR, the conference is a manifestation of university in managing archives.

Dr. Purnawan Basundoro S.S., M. Hum., As director of Human Resources, represented UNAIR Rector closing the conference. In his speech, Dr. Purnawan conveyed the importance of archive in the future.

In addition, we must view technology and progress as part of the future policy direction. Various technological features can be utilized in the context in the importance of archives for university. Paperless archives, for example.

“We should  be prepared for technological change which now, we call it as revolution 4.0. ” he said.

“Because we are all going to that direction (technology, ed), “he added.

On that occasion, Dr. Purnawan expressed his gratitude to all parties involved. Especially for academics in university for the successful launch of ICoASHE international conference.

“Hopefully the results of this seminar can be published. Thus, public can access the results (conference).” he said.

“Thus, everyone can get benefit from this event. Especially for the advancement of science.” he added.

During this time, Dr. Purnawan said people considered archives only for old documents and it also not considered as science yet.

“Therefore, hopefully the community would also understand that archive as one of important science major. Evidently, there are a number of universities that open archives major. ” he said.

Dr. Purnawan added, archives should continue to grow in the future. Change is very necessary. From paper-based archives to digital or papperless.

“Because, we unwittingly did it. For example chatting through WA (Whatsapp, ed) and Facebook.” he said.

In institution, all document should be monitored by archive staff in managing all the data.

“These changes are expected to strengthen the breakthrough in archives world” he said.

Furthermore, the 3rd PAPTI congress was held in UNAIR for three days on April 21-23 and there were several speakers: Prof. Dr. H. Nandang Alamsah Deliarnoor, S.H, M.Hum, Dr. Mustari Irawan, MPA, Drs. Syafruddin, M.Si, Jessica Yeo, Zawiyah Mohammad Yusof, Prof. Dr., Hu Chieh-Chien, Ir. Anon Mirmani, S.IP, MIM-Arch / Rec, and Dr. Andi Kasman M, S.E., M.M. (*)

Author: Feri Fenoria Rifa’I

This post is also available in: Indonesian

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