Krisna Mukti Prabowo, Candra Kusumawati and Rosyta Nur Azizah won second place in the National Scientific Writing Contest held at State University of Malang. (Photo: by courtesy)
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UNAIR NEWS – Three students of Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) students won second place in National Scientific Writing Competition themed Social Article Competition (SCARCE) held by State University of Malang on Thursday, October 11. After qualifying the paper selection on Saturday, October 6, the team consists of Krisna Mukti Prabowo, Candra Kusumawati, and Rosyta Nur Azizah, managed to advance to the presentation stage.

They wrote a scientific paper entitled, SINTAC (Sensory Integration Activity) as for SWISS (Spelling and Writing Skills) Improvement Medium for Mentally Disabled students .

The study was conducted at Krebet 4 State Elementary School, an inclusive education institution located in Jambon Sub-district, Ponorogo Regency.

Krisna, as the team leader explained, the background of the problem of the research was the absence of teaching staff with special competencies to assist the learning process of mentally disabled students in the school. In fact, there are some students who do not know letters well, even though they have been in grade 4-5 elementary school.

“There are no teachers there who have an extraordinary educational background or psychology, so there is no development on special learning media for mentally disabled students. This, of course, will hamper their academic activities at school, ” he explained.

He said that the the study was aimed to develop learning modules that can be used by teachers there independently, without having to do continuous mentoring in the future.

“We want this research to be useful for inclusive education as besides research, there is also an element of devotion, “he added.

The module they proposed received an appreciation and a positive response from the school. In its implementation, there are seven activities designed to help mentally disabled students recognizing the letters of the alphabet and numbers, such as finding treasures, fragments, smart cards, message bridges, colors, micro lego, and finger painting.

The existence of these modules is expected to improve the sensor integration capabilities of mentally disabled children, which are needed in the process of reading and writing. In addition, the module can also help teachers to provide ways of teaching that are in accordance with the ability of mentally disabled students.

“We provide guidance in advance for module education and practice. After the teachers there have mastered concept maps and practices, we do module grants, ” continued Krisna.

Krisna revealed, at this moment, the module launched by her team had been applied independently by SDN 4 Krebet school. Moreover, the module was also published through the Indonesian Teachers’ Association (PGRI) forums in the local area.

Meanwhile, Rosyta Nur Azizah added, the paper was a continuation of PKM work they had compiled some time ago. Although they have not yet passed for funding from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, they took the initiative to develop and improve the program’s ideas to be submitted to other scientific papers.

Krisna and his colleagues’ efforts came into fruition. The innovation they presented not only successfully led the team to take home the championship trophy, but also successfully made a real contribution to the education curriculum of children with special needs in Indonesia. (*)

Author: Zanna Afia Deswari

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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