PSDKU UNAIR at Santen Island
Freshmen clean up trash on the coast of Santen Island, Banyuwangi (Photo: Bastian Ragas)
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UNAIR NEWS – New students from 2018 Off Main Campus Study Program (PSDKU)  Universitas Airlangga  in Banyuwangi held a Community Service on the coast of Santen Island, Karangrejo Village, Banyuwangi on Saturday, September 8. The community service activities are included in a series of Viva Outer Division (PSDKU Orientation, ed), which must be carried out by freshmen.

“Every year VOD assigns freshmen to hold their own event and the kind of the event is up to the new students, it can be community service, gathering night, but most importantly it involves all member of the year students and our output to strengthen their ties as freshmen achieved,” said Bondan Sigit, Head of VOD 2018.

2018 freshmen chose community service for their first event. Community service activity carried out on the coast of Santen Island was entirely prepared by new students from the beginning of VOD or three weeks before the event.

“We chose community service because activities like this can strengthen our ties, plus it is also a form of our practice towards Tri Dharma of Higher Education,” said Hanif Rizky, leader of 2018 class.

They did it on the coast of Santen Island because there is garbage problem in that place. Every day there is accumulating garbage on the coast of Santen Island brought by the waves, so the shari’a beach tourism on the north end of Santen Island declines in the number of visitors.

“The concept of our community service is a fun walk while collecting garbage. So, we started from the north end to the south end of the beach and took the garbage. In addition, we also donated several trash bins and placed them in strategic places around Santen Island, “said the FEB 2018 freshmen.

Community service carried out by 2018 new students was not only about cleaning the beach environment and residents’ settlements, they also held games for freshmen, VOD committee, and Santen Island residents.

“As the leader of 2018 students, I hope in the future we will be more solid, and our community service can solve cleanliness problem here and Santen Island people can be more aware of their environmental cleanliness,” concluded Hanif.


Author: Bastian Ragas

Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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