UNAIR NEWS  – From a research about heart attack detection device, UNAIR PKM-KC team got 2 silver medals, each in the presentation and poster category at the 31st Student Science Week (PIMNAS). The team with PKM entitled QUSHNADE ( Quick and Smart Heart Mobile Device Analyzer ) as Acute Myocardial Infarction Detection or AMI was led by Rahardian Tarunosudirjo with two members, Aji Sapta Pramulen and Difa Fanani was supervised by Deni Yasmara, S.Kep.Ns., M.Kep.

The team leader, familiarly called Dion revealed that 31st PIMNAS was the second time for them to represent UNAIR after qualifying at 30th PIMNAS last year.

“Last year we were also qualified, but the result was not what we expected. We still have curiosity on how to get PKM-KC UNAIR gold medal, I was with the team for PKM again at 31st PIMNAS, “said Dion.

After qualifying on 31st PIMNAS, Dion and his team targeted the gold medal and focused on improving their weaknesses in last year’s PIMNAS. A new challenge arises when the team knew that the jury in the category was the most senior judge for the PKM-KC so the question and answer practices held more.

“The jury in our class, when giving questions, requires students to understand well the problem, in detail about the solutions proposed and the existing solutions,” said Dion.

Dion added that from the previous presentation, someone was asked whether they had ever seen an egg come out directly and which part came out first, blunt or pointed.

Even so, Dion explained that his team’s presentation and question-and-answer sessions ran well, even though they were nervous and some keywords were unanswered.

At the winner announcement of each class at 31st PIMNAS, September 1 and after learning that Dion and the team received 2 silver awards for their presentation and poster,  Dion was grateful.

“We’re happy for sure, but still a little disappointed because our team could not be able to win a gold medal to UNAIR at 31st PIMNAS”

Dion stated that his impression for participating in coaching session until the 31st PIMNAS was very impressive because of the best supports from student affairs, TPK lecturers and Garuda Sakti. He did not forget to give some words the colleagues of the struggle of 31st PIMNAS UNAIR contingents.

“We must be grateful for the results obtaining and maintaining friendship as a family of UNAIR contingents for 31st PIMNAS. Hopefully also in 32nd PIMNAS UNAIR can bring home the trophy,” Dion ordered.

Author: Hilmi Putra Pradana

Editor: Nuri Hermawan