UNAIR NEWS – Seven teams of Universitas Airlangga competing in 31st National Student Science Week (PIMNAS) at Yogyakarta State University managed to maintain top ten position. It was announced directly at the closing ceremony of 31st PIMNAS at UNY Sports Hall (GOR) on Saturday night, September 1.

In the competition held for almost a week, UNAIR PIMNAS team won eight medals. In details, for the poster category UNAIR won two gold, one silver and one bronze medals while for the presentation category, it won one gold medal, one silver and one bronze.

Two gold medals in both poster category and presentation were won by Student Creativity Program – Technology (PKM-T) titled “B-Steam; Bivalve Steaming, Boiler-Based Clam Steaming Machine in Sedati Clam Fishermen Group, Sidoarjo. ” B-Steam is the work of Ula Zidni Alfian Ikromah, Maulida Agustina, Akhmad Afifudin Al-Anshori, Hilmi Putra Pradana, and Ningsih Putri Herman.

Meanwhile, two silver medals were won by Student Creativity Program – Invention (PKM-KC) team with the work entitled “QUSHNADE (Quick and Smart Heart Mobile Device Analyzer) as Acute Myocardial Infarction Detection”. QUSHNADE is the work of three UNAIR students, Rahardian Tarunosudirjo, Aji Sapta Pramulen, and Difa Fanani Ismayanto.

The team that contributed one gold medal in the presentation category and one bronze medal was the Student Creativity Program – Invention (PKM-KC) titled “I-Turbul: Design of Monitoring System for Shrimp Cultivation Pond Integrated System Based on SMS Gate Way as H2S Detector Due to Turbulence”. It is the work of Angga Bagus Prasetyo, Ainur Dwiky Setyawan, and Gita Istiqfarrani.

One bronze medal in the presentation category won by Student Creativity Program – Technology (PKM-T) titled “Smart Automated Detection Software for Diabetic Retinopathy) Based on Artificial Neural Networks in UPT East Java Community Eye Hospital, “. It is the work of Bestia Kumala Wardani, Debrina Rizka Nurrahmah Wida, Nalindra Berliani, and Nitasya Ayu Alamanda Putri.

Student Creativity Program – Invention (PKM-KC) titled “F-One (Finger Exoskeleton Protable): Hand Finger Motion Aid Based on Muscle Signals as Post Stroke Rehabilitation” produced by Afni Unaizah, Muwaffaq Izaz, and Adhe Rahmatullah also won one bronze medal for the poster category.

Seven UNAIR PIMNAS teams have competed with 136 contingents from various universities throughout Indonesia. From the committee’s report, this year’s PIMNAS is the largest PIMNAS in history. So, the top ten achievements achieved by UNAIR are achievements that deserve to be appreciated.

Congratulations on the achievements of Knight Airlangga. One determination, one guts, definitely a champion.

Author: Nuri Hermawan