UNAIR BEM FEB Teaches Villagers in Managing Finance

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UNAIR NEWS – In 2018 Bina Abdi Desa, an annual work program held by the Department of Community Service, Universitas Airlangga Student Executive Board (BEM FEB 2018, ed), residents of Kedung Dendeng Hamlet, Jipurapah Village, Plandaan Sub-district, Jombang Regency, Java Timur was invited to manage family finances even better, on Sunday, August 19.

Managing household finances is not an easy thing. With uncertain amounts of daily income, farming from morning to evening, and accompanying family at home, causes most of the villagers to spend their income on the same day they get it, so that tomorrow they have to earn a living through the same pattern. However, that does not mean it is a reason to not be able to regulate household finances.

“Managing household finance is not easy, but it is one thing that is sure to be experienced by everyone. Although the target of this activity was the fathers and mothers, but it is not possible that it will be useful for the younger generation in this village, “Ariefky said as Coordinator of Economic Affairs.

The counselling was held at 8pm in one of the houses and was attended by 35 people. The material given by members of the Economic Affairs was about 7 tips for managing household finances better. First, spending must be smaller than income, avoid debt, agreement between husband and wife, generous life, setting a budget, save some money and finally pay bills as quickly as possible.

There is one citizen who lives by managing his income. Pak Harto, a local farmer who lives in RT 1 has tried to manage his income for personal needs, family needs, and wife’s needs.

“I manage my income for myself, family and wife. My own portion, I keep it for the next 3 days, so a day after work I can go somewhere. But if my trip does not make money or useful, then I don’t go. That’s my principle, “he said.

The counselling is expected to help the villagers to manage their finances more efficiently. From these tips, it is able to provide simple training for local villagers to manage finance from modest income. [*]

Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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