Community Service in Jipurapah Teaches Residents to Concoct Herbal Medicine

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UNAIR NEWS – Bina Abdi Desa and 4 representative students of D3 Traditional Medicine concocted herbal medicine with residents of Kedung Dendeng Hamlet, Jipurapah Village, Plandaan Subdistrict, Jombang Regency, East Java, Thursday, August 17.

The Department of Community Service, Student Executive Board of Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Airlangga (PENGMAS BEM FEB UNAIR, ed) held its annual work program, Bina Abdi Desa 2018.

If we are sick, we generally take generic drugs or go to sleep, the option to concoct herbal medicines is not common. Herbal medicine has as many benefits as generic drugs. In addition to saving costs, the ingredients for herbal medicine also comes from kitchen ingredients such as ginger, curcuma, betel leaves, galangal and so on.

Based on a survey conducted by the committee in May and July, with 50 respondents from Brangkal and Kedung Dendeng hamlets, the majority of Jipurapah villagers had a history of gout, high cholesterol, typhus, and muscle aches and pains. To treat these diseases, residents use drugs which are limited by variants and quantity. Getting treatment to the nearest health center is also not an easy thing because the nearest one is in Ploso Subdistrict, which takes approximately 1 hour to reach it from Brangkal Hamlet and 2.5 hours from Kedung Dendeng Hamlet.

“Indeed, because of difficulties in getting treatment here, we try to give other alternatives,” Firda Taufany said as Coordinator of Health.

To improve the quality of this program, Bina Abdi Desa has collaborated with D3 students of Traditional Medicine Department (Batra) as instructors in the activity. The event was attended by the majority of housewives who were enthusiastic about making herbal medicines. The audience also distributed catalogs made by students containing various medicinal plants and how to make them.

“Alhamdulillah, this event is held, because it has never been done before and the catalog given is useful as well,” said Ms. Yasmining, a resident.

With this event, the residents and Bina Abdi Desa committee will be able to see herbal medicine as a better and more available alternative treatment in the future.

Then, on August 18 Students of Traditional Medicine D3 (Batra) gave free health checks through Acupuncture which needles pierced on the body that suffered from pain.

Acupuncture treatment got a positive response from the community, so people crowded the place of treatment and left their work, harvesting chilis.

“Alhamdulillah, after getting this treatment, I experienced a slight change even though it is not permanent. Pain, stiffness, neutralized a bit. The method does not hurt the body as well, ” she added.

The Jipurapah community hoped that this treatment will continue to be conducted, not only coming annually.  [*]

Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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