Abdi Desa FEB UNAIR Empowers Religious Art in Jombang

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UNAIR NEWS – The 6th Bina Abdi Desa Program held by the Department of Community Service BEM of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga trained mothers and children of Brangkal Hamlet to revive religious arts on Wednesday, August 15.

“We revive the religious arts here known as sholawatan or terbangan,” said M. Derry Saputra as the External Deputy of Department of Community Service at BEM FEB at the Jipurapah Village Mosque.

In the community service event, UNAIR students revived the religious arts of Jipurapah villagers, especially Brangkal Hamlet, through training with lectures.

Even though it did not take place continuously, the training provided was able to revive the activities of religious arts in Jipurapah. The material provided during the training is about how to perform the Islamic art performance.

Derry explained that there were various sholawat with different musical techniques. Through the training, they will be able to improve understanding to manage the religious art.

Meanwhile, to train the creativity, the committee provided knowledge on how to play properly and manage vocals when performing. In the practice, the community performed with lyrics made by one of the residents of Jipurrapah Village regarding the situation of the village.

“The children in Jipurapah were more enthusiastic about taking part in training and vocal than the material provided. Because for them the material is not important. It’s better to practice right away, “explained Derry.

Interacting with local children was an impressive experience for Derry, especially with children who have not been able to play the musical instrument. He hoped the knowledge gained can be channeled back by actively performing religious arts.

Derry also hoped that there will be a successor to develop the religious arts in Jipurapah from local community leaders so the program has sustainability. [*]

Author: Rolista Dwi Oktavia

Editor: Binti Q. Masruroh


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