FK UNAIR and FK UMSU Extends Collaboration

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Dean of FK UMSU Prof. Dr. H. Gusbakti Rusip (third from the right), Dean of FK UNAIR Prof. Soetojo (third from the left) with FK UNAIR leaderships, after signing the MoU.(Photo: Sefya Hayu Istighfaricha)

UNAIR NEWS- Faculty of Medicine (FK) of North Sumatra Muhammadiyah University (UMSU) extended its collaboration contract with FK Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) on development of medical education.

As the second oldest medical faculty in Indonesia, it is natural for FK UNAIR to be a role model for a number of medical faculties that just develop educational curriculum patterns. One of them is FK UMSU.

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Dean of FK UMSU Prof. Dr. H. Gusbakti Rusip, M.Sc, PKK, AIFM with the Dean of FK UNAIR Prof. Dr. Soetojo, dr, Sp.U (K) took place in the C Assembly Room FK UNAIR on Monday, August 13. The MoU was witnessed by representatives of FK UMSU Secretary, three Vice Deans of FK UNAIR, along with representatives of Program Coordinator (KPS) and the Head of the FK UNAIR Master’s degree Program.

Dean of FK UMSU Prof. Gusbakti revealed that the collaboration that began three years ago was aimed at supporting some of the achievements of UMSU FK in 2019.

At the beginning of the collaboration with FK UNAIR, FK UMSU felt that there was progress in developing the medical education curriculum, from improving the quality of human resources, developing post credit, achieving publications in the Scopus journal, to the development of lecturer staff exchange programs.

“We are also helped in terms of curriculum preparation and the process is heading towards joint research, “said the man who had only served as Dean of FK UMSU for eight months.

Opportunity to work with FK UNAIR was also prepared as a step to face re-accreditation. FK UMSU has just achieved B accreditation for the Medicine bachelor’s degree program. Gusbakti targeted in 2019 the accreditation can achieve A.

In facing the current era of globalization, he continued, it is necessary to make efforts to improve the quality of the curriculum and the level of thinking by learning from established medical faculties, such as FK UNAIR. Moreover, FK UMS is encouraged to do re-accreditation.

“There are some improvements to our S1 program. Based on the development of education, we hope that later the level of equality must be as good as preparation for national accreditation and international accreditation, ” he said.

As a medical faculty that was only established in 2008 and graduated 223 doctors, FK UMSU saw FK UNAIR superior and well established. Besides having more than a century of experience and producing 10,253 thousand doctors throughout Indonesia, FK UNAIR’s medical education curriculum has also been internationally recognized.

Curriculum of FK UNAIR has been accredited by World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) International and the ASEAN University Networking-Quality Assessment (AUN-QA). In addition to the Medicine program, 43 study programs in it have also been accredited by LAM-PTKes achieving A score.

“Our problem is in HR and research. Actually the FK UMSU has also collaborated in the field of research with other institutions. But it is less effective. So I encourage the academics to make applicable research, “he said.

To prepare for accreditation, FK UMSU has sent seven students abroad through an elective program, to Taiwan, Thailand and Australia. “For domestic purposes, we send it to FK UNAIR,” he said. (*)

Author: Sefya H Istighfaricha
Binti Q. Masruroh


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